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Keep away in a sentence

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Similar words: keep an eye onkeepkeep tokeep upkeep onkeep offkeep downkeep backMeaning: v. prevent from coming close. 
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1. People should keep away from the radioactive waste.
2. Keep away from that dog, he can be vicious.
3. You must keep away from the dog.
4. I signed to him to keep away, but he continued to advance.
5. Danger!Thin ice.Keep away.
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6. He warned Billy to keep away from his daughter.
7. Keep away from the transformer.
8. Keep away from the furnace.
9. He's a bad man - keep away from him.
10. Keep away from the edge of the cliff.
11. Keep away from the scene of the accident.
12. Police warned bystanders to keep away from the blazing building.
13. As long as you can keep away from them, you're safe.
14. I'd keep away from him if I were you - he's no good.
15. If I were you, I'd keep away from that area at night.
16. Keep away from the doors while the train is moving.
17. Provide the bare necessities of life, especially food; keep away hunger.
18. Keep away from the edge of the cliff - you might fall.
19. "Keep away from me!" she shrieked.
20. Keep away from the fried batter and won-ton pastry dishes and ask for steamed or boiled rice.
21. I just couldn't keep away from her when I got the chance to escape from Rocamar the other day.
22. But this was not enough to keep away mosquitoes, which started to arrive and drift towards the flames.
23. The electricity teaches them to keep away from the structure, so that there is virtually no wear and tear.
24. Females with very young kids also tend to keep away from the herd.
25. Keep away from jasmine, already thick in flower bud, and clematis, however untidy.
26. Keep away from the deep-fried scampi and mixed seafood and the numberless fish in wine and butter sauces.
27. In summer, they usually burn some coil incense to keep away the mosquitoes.
28. But to my horror they looked and smelt like Yahoos too, and I told them to keep away from me.
29. He tells me to meet him at the magistrates' court the following morning, tells me to keep away from the scumbags.
30. Instead they have used block votes like bulbs of garlic - to keep away the vampires of the left.
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