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Inbreeding in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-03-30Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: breedingfeedingspeedingproceedingexceedinglybreedcrossbreedpedigreedMeaning: ['ɪnbrɪːdɪŋ]  n. the act of mating closely related individuals. 
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1. In the 19th century, inbreeding nearly led to the extinction of the royal family.
2. Inbreeding is crossing between close relations.
3. But there is an equally important downside: inbreeding.
4. Small populations cannot avoid a certain amount of inbreeding.
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5. Those decrease with increasing genetic stability and inbreeding.
6. Reduced vigor or " inbreeding depression " is not an invariable consequence of inbreeding.
7. The main aim of inbreeding is to standardise, to fix desirable inherited characteristics and to dispel undesirable ones.
8. Inbreeding may have caused the deformity and even prevented him from producing an heir with his wife, who was probably his half sister.
9. Inbreeding depression may result.
10. Unfortunately, some of these colors require extensive inbreeding to obtain; double dapples are often born eyeless or with severely underdeveloped eyes.
11. If inbreeding is bad, then the opposite – outbreeding – should be good.
12. Exogamy prevents the ill effects of inbreeding and promotes evolution of human race.
13. Inbreeding is a drawback from snitching most their employees from only one or two companies.
14. Presumably they disperse to other areas, suggesting that inbreeding is unlikely.
15. He was born with a rare bone disease, probably the result of aristocratic inbreeding.
16. They can not be sexed when small, but it would be better to obtain an unrelated female to avoid inbreeding.
17. However, it is worth emphasizing here that at least four costs have been proposed for inbreeding, and at least seven for outbreeding.
18. In other species, there are behavioural drives the function of which is to avoid inbreeding.
19. In a study of 102 scimitar-horned oryx juvenile survival rates were shown to be inversely related to the degree of inbreeding.
20. Moreover, the isolation of the men of the wetlands led to inbreeding.
21. The breeding plan for this species is designed to minimise inbreeding.
22. This ability decreases the negative effects of drift and inbreeding on genetic diversity in small populations.
23. Inbreeding depression is the decrease of offspring fitness after inbreeding and is one of the primary forces selecting against the evolution of self-fertilization.
24. All these results show that the cultured population of Penaeus monodon in Xiamen has a relatively high genetic diversity, but inbreeding may have occurred.
25. The contents of ureotelism and globulin increased and hemoglobin decreased with inbreeding coefficient in systematic breeding.
26. The version 6.11 and its higher version of Statistical Analysis System (SAS) provides an INBREED procedure which can calculate inbreeding coefficients of large animal population.
27. The fix F suggests that A. is nearly outcrossing while the other two are marly inbreeding.
28. The above-mentioned results indicate that the formation of autopolyploid and allopolyploid may be related to the level of inbreeding depression.
29. The fix index (F) suggests that A. sarelii is nearly outcrossing while the other two are marly inbreeding.
30. Experts say the deformity could be the result of inbreeding.
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