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In vivo in a sentence

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Similar words: survivorconvivialconvivialityinvitein vitroinvitedin view ofinvisibleMeaning: adj. within a living organism. adv. in the living organism. 
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(1) Thus, there are both in vivo and in vitro experimental models of focal epilepsy.
(2) This latter finding provides further evidence of the in vivo platelet activation and release reaction.
(3) Conclusion. The FEM could assess vertebral strength in vivo.
(4) Study Design. In vivo noninvasive study.
(5) The expression product shows activity of antitumor in vivo.
(6) Both accumulation of metals in vivo in plants and distribution of the plant species growing in porcelain clay abandoned in a selected mine of copper and zinc were investigated.
(7) When in vivo material oxygenolysis will produce the hydrogen peroxide and the free radical, what will be most common will be the oxygen free 4.
(8) Here we demonstrate by in vivo time-lapse imaging of optic tectal cells in Xenopus laevis tadpoles that enhanced visual activity driven by a light stimulus promotes dendritic arbor growth.
(9) SFE could elevate the activity of invertase in vivo during the periods of flowering and pod - filling .
(10) Experiments in vitro using agar and experiments in vivo were performed to investigate the effects of the herbal medicine on prevention of Schistosoma japonicum cercaria entering the host body.
(11) ABSTRACT:Objective To investigate the value of in vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H MRS) in the assessment of hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC) and cholangiocarcinoma.
(12) Measurement and analysis of the in vivo posteroanterior impulse response of the human thoracolumbar spine: a feasibility study.
(13) ObjectiveTo study the anti-inflammatory effects(in vivo)and antibacterial effects(in vitro)of different concentration ethanol and water extracts from Lithospermum erythrorhizon.
(14) Objective : To establish an in vivo observation method of basilar artery in rat.
(15) A. Meyer(G. S. )are reported. In vivo, G. S. significantly enhances anti-sheep red cell-specific plaque-forming cell response and the activity of natural killer cell in mouse.
(16) Xenon Induces Late Cardiac Preconditioning In Vivo:A Role for Cyclooxygenase 2?
(17) This suggests that the low level of enzyme activity observed in vitro is reflected in vivo.
(18) This indicates that region 1-110 of RAP30 contains a minimum sequence essential for interacting with RAP74 in vivo.
(19) It is possible to speculate that this system might enter a region of chaotic behavior in vivo.
(20) Wherever possible such parameters should be compared with those of embryos of the same age recovered in vivo.
(21) The yeast two-hybrid analysis demonstrated that CK1A and CRY2 can interact in vivo under blue light, which indicates that CK1A may play an important role in blue light signal induction of Arabidopsis.
(22) The venoms derived from variety of animals, such as scorpion, snake, toad, bee, scolopendra and spider, function an inhibition of tumor proliferation in vitro and in vivo.
(23) With advance of molecular biology and cell biology, scholars found that KSC have a few biological characteristics such as slow-cycling in vivo, self-renewable and high proliferating potential.
(24) As a result of the methyl mercaptane and the dimethyl bisulphide cannot by the liver metabolism, one special smell which sends in vivo.
(25) The objective of the present study is to observe the spermicidal effect of Bosidi medicinal materials and hygiene suppository in vitro, in vivo and its antifertility in the rabbits.
(26) Objective To study the effects of angiogenesis inhibitor SU5416on the growth and metastasis of colon cancer in vivo.
(27) Conclusion Combining laser microdissection and nested RT-PCR can monitor gene expression at a single cell level in vivo.
(28) The Boer goat ear skin fibroblast nucleo-transferred embryos and bovine-goat(Boer) interspecies clone embryos have been evaluated by studying the ultrastructure of Boer goat embryos in vivo.
(29) The content of floxuridine was determined by UV and the homogeneity, stability and its dissolution characters in vitro and in vivo and their correlation were observed.
(30) But there are no systematic studies about these essential oils to control the phytopathogenic fungi especially in vivo.
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