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Humanist in a sentence

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Similar words: humanismhumanitydehumanizecommunist manifestohumanhumanesubhumansuperhumanMeaning: ['hjuːmənɪst]  n. 1. a classical scholar or student of the liberal arts 2. an advocate of the principles of humanism. adj. 1. of or pertaining to Renaissance humanism 2. of or pertaining to a philosophy asserting human dignity and man's capacity for fulfillment through reason and scientific method and often rejecting religion 3. pertaining to or concerned with the humanities 4. marked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare. 
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1. He is a practical humanist, who believes in the dignity of mankind.
2. Roughly speaking, a scientific humanist is somebody who believes in science and in humanity but not in God.
3. So the transvestite fails the test of humanist transgression.
4. Humanist psychologists realize that gender relations affect this subject.
5. She even adopts uncritically an apolitical, humanist version of psychological democracy.
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6. The humanist Renaissance of the late Middle Ages had already witnessed the gradual emergence of reasoning independent of the church.
7. Lucy had been approached by an international humanist organisation, there was funding, and Lucy was raring to go.
8. Being a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead. Kurt Vonnegut 
9. He thought of socialism in humanist terms but had little appreciation of socialist economics.
10. She appears to appropriate traditional humanist interests in social connectedness and caring specifically for women.
11. However, even in the liberal humanist tradition of Leavis and Richards, there is a striking paradox.
12. To proceed towards a humanist and democratic ideology and government in the name of human values. 7.
13. Humanist psychology seems to avoid traditional psychology's obsession with objectivity.
14. These humanist goals could be fully covered by the ideals which are sometimes described as socialist.
15. Similarly, during the Renaissance, humanist theory was directed at language in action.
16. Marx was not a humanist, though he fancied himself to be.
17. Humanist psychology's caution about change can add to egalitarian feminist psychology's existing theoretical timidity.
18. Nicolas Walter adds: Andrei Sakharov was a convinced humanist and a prominent figure in the world humanist movement.
19. But here, similarly, Ancient architecture is humanist and modern architecture structuralist.
20. Welcome to Neo Humanist Information Center!
21. Absrtact: The regression of the humanist spirit is the incoercible trend in the current development .
22. Humanist psychology's familiarity to egalitarian feminist psychologists makes the division between humanist egalitarian, and woman-centred, theories difficult to draw.
23. Rothko would have justly replied that it was precisely in order to convey humanist content that he had dispensed with subject matter.
24. We are ready to accept liberal capitalism but with the ambition of achieving social, humanist goals.
25. Woman-centred methods also tend to rely uncritically on the particular kinds of scientificity that therapeutic and humanist methods have developed.
26. The interest in classical letters and Platonic philosophy led eventually to the establishment of secular education built on humanist values.
27. The elimination of metaphysics is not the simple matter that some humanist philosophers have supposed.
28. If interpreted within an uncensored, pluralist cultural climate, the Socialist Realist method still embodies fine, humanist ideals.
29. A jackboot serial killer on the loose, stomping down the humanist softies of soul?
30. The key to prevent such phenomena is to dissolve these exclusive or hostile theist elements in religions and to base their doctrines on a universal humanist idea.
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