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Homogenate in a sentence

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Similar words: homogenoushomogenizehomogenisedhomogeneityhomogeneoushomogenizedhomogenizinghomogenizationMeaning: n. material that has been homogenized (especially tissue that has been ground and mixed). 
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1, Similarly it was not hydrolysed by mucosal homogenates from the small intestine of the rat.
2, Excess resin is suspended in the crude homogenate.
3, The green leaves of vegetables through tissue homogenate, differential centrifugation separation, density gradient centrifugation purify sample of chloroplast.
4, The present study shows the mechanical properties of homogenate suspension from the leaves and petioles of Mimosa pudica by stress-shear hysteresis loops during shear stress.
5, Meanwhile, the mouse brain tissue homogenate colony count (CFU) was observed and the results were compared with that of the immunohistochemical examination.
6, The present study shows the mechanical properties of homogenate suspension from the leaves and petioles of Mimosa pudica by stress-shear hysteresis loops during shea.
7, The homogenate can be used directly for pharmaceutical purposes without the need to further extract, purify, or precipitate the pharmaceutical protein.
8, Good thermal contact between homogenate and the surface of the disc is required.
9, In renal cortex homogenate , the contents of malonaldehyde and activity of superoxide dismutase were measured.
10, Activity and antigen levels of both activators were determined in homogenates of endoscopically obtained biopsies from normal and carcinomatous tissues.
11, The activity of catalase in hemolysates of erythrocytes and myocardial homogenate in rats was measured by back titration method with permanganate,( using perborate as the substrate.
12, Objective To define the antiviral activity of Musca domestica larva homogenate.
13, Conclusion A reasonable application of enteral Nutrition (sugar-free meal special type homogenate) could not only control blood sugar, enhance nutrition, but also can improve the prognosis.
14, Results Nitric oxide was directly toxic to PC12 cells in a dose-dependent manner, and brain tissue homogenate extracts taken from hypoxia preconditioned mice could prevent PC12 cells from NO toxicity.
15, Methods make PAGE electrophoresis on the eyes serum protein, homogenate protein and proteoglycan of cell cancer of every group mice and analyse the changes of every protein group.
16, It penetrates through a thin disc and eventually reaches the homogenate on a top surface of the sapphire disc.
17, RESULTS: LAP was more stable in weak acid solution than in base solution and hydrolyzed fast in serum and tissue homogenates, especially in liver homogenate.
18, Method: The model of hepatic injury was prepared with distillate spirit administration by gavage, to observe the change of ALT, AST and TG in serum and the GSH, MDA in homogenate.
19, Methods Guineapigs were induced to establish EAE model by injecting guineapig with spinal cord homogenate (GPSCH) in complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) bordetella pertussis vaccine (BPV).
20, A microassay method for aliesterase activity with p-nitrophenyl valerate was established and tried outwith mouse skin homogenate aliesterase.
21, Two systems were established about antioxidant experiment of carnosine in vitro:phosphatidylcholine(PC) liposomes system and pork homogenate system.
22, The degradation of BBP will occur in the lung homogenate in a linear relation with the time.
23, The decollation was performed after 24 hours and the tissue of prosencephalonwas obtained. The activity of SOD and content of LPO in the brain homogenate wereassaied.
24, The main operation processes of consecutive humidifying crushing cover steeping, crushing, homogenate , pumping out, and flushing.
25, This paper reports the effect of vegetables in Zhengzhou region on the formation of lipid peroxidation in rat liver homogenate.
26, Conclusions Experimental polymyositis model of rats can be induced by homologous skeletal muscle homogenate.
27, The study aimed to test the reducing effect of Stannius corpuscles homogenate of crucian(Carassius auratus)on its serum ionic calcium.
28, On the expiration of gastric perfusion, the rats were sacrificed after anesthetized and the brain was collected on ice plate to prepare tissue homogenate.
29, To study the ability of aucubin to scavenge free radical and the protective effect of aucubin on tissue homogenate, mitochondria and microsome attacked by gree radical in vitro.
30, The activity of fumaric reductase in Cysticercus cellulosae tissue homogenate with albendazole and oxfendazole individually was detected.
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