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Homogenous in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2017-05-31Updated:2017-05-31
Similar words: homogeneoushomogenizehomogenizedhomogeneityexogenousheterogenousindigenousindigenouslyMeaning: adj. all of the same or similar kind or nature. 
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1. During the last decade new hydrosilylation catalysts, predominantly homogenous and heterogenous transition metal complexes have been developed.
2. The sediment incipience in homogenous turbulence generated by oscillating grids is studied in this paper.
3. The dynamic behaviours of homogenous materials, such as quartz, calcite and wolframite in grinding mills are examined.
4. These filters are manufactured with homogenous glass fibers with or without binder.
5. Using homogenous balance method transformationequation and its derived equation are obtained.
6. In the background of international and homogenous garment industry.
7. It consists of the following layers: the upper homogenous layer, with uneven external and internal surfaces, the intermediate homogenous layer, the alveolate layer, and the lower homogenous one.
8. Strong homogenous arterial enhancement was found in 9 of 58 ( 16 % ) patients.
9. Echography demonstrated rupture of the calycealfornix with perirenal homogenous fluid accumulation.
10. Mr Berlusconi's present government is far more homogenous.
11. The catalysts include homogenous acids bases and solid acidsbases.
12. The homogenous charge and compression ignition engine can red uc e and even realize no particulate emissions due to its mix air to be pre-mixed.
13. Secondly, homogenous Markov chain is applied to modeling the nodal flow series, and the universal set of the nodal flow simulated series is gained.
14. Shell GTL Fuel is a homogenous synthetic fuel with virtually no sulphur and aromatics, and a high cetane level which improves fuel combustibility.
15. Naughty: You send out pre - engraved, homogenous company holiday cards with nary a signature.
16. Notice the mauve to pink homogenous intranuclear inclusions in the epithelial cells of the epidermis.
17. The problem with all these calculations is they assume a homogenous chemical mantle.
18. Cell fractionation The separation of the different constituents of the cell into homogenous fractions.
19. When considering multi - core architectures, embedded designers are faced with a choice. homogenous or heterogeneous?
20. With the matching unit, the influences of the applied peak to peak voltage and driving frequency to the transmit current, the discharge power and the homogenous discharge area have been investigated.
21. To preserve the polarimetric properties of polarimetric SAR image, each element of the covariance matrix should be filtered independently in the same homogenous area.
22. On the other hand, the fuel consumption of the quasi-homogenous mixture lean combustion decreased by about 6.5% compared with homogenous lean mixture combustion during all the A/F.
23. Paste board: Board made from several laminations of thinner sheets. Contrast to Homogenous board.
24. With the confirmation of homogeneous replacement of Propositions A, O, the replacement of categorical proposition should be the reasoning of homogenous equivalence.
25. It was shown that both of the chromic acid corrosion and the micro-alloyed Pb can initiate homogenous corrosion pores respectively, and increase the specific capacity.
26. The excellent properties of RPC benefit from its and homogenous microstructure.
27. When utilizing the nanosecond impluse applied power, the discharge is the most homogenous and stable.
28. Actually, as it turned out, the transvestites were not a homogenous group either.
28. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
29. A democracy needs such "echo chambers, " even though their discussions inevitably appear like nothing but a bunch of homogenous supporters rah-rahing each other.
30. The result of coat color test crossing of the F18 with DBA/2 showed that the color genes in F18 were homogenous.
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