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Higher-ranking in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2020-05-19Updated:2020-05-19
Similar words: higher ranklower-rankinghigh-rankingrankingfrankingcrankingtop-rankingrankineMeaning: adj. having a higher rank. 
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1) These higher-ranked demons have the responsibility of directing the work of the lower ranking ones.
2) But a higher-ranking Navy officer overruled the recommendations, sending the officer to an administrative hearing offering no possibility of jail.
3) Vertices of higher-ranking features will not move to lower-ranking features, but vertices of equal-ranked features will be geometrically averaged.
4) Frustrated at not seeing higher-ranking bank bosses clapped in irons, the public and the US media are watching keenly.
5) The latter is applied to elders or higher-ranking officers as a respectful form of addressing.
6) Higher-ranking officials in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, got in touch.
7) There are 5 higher-ranking hospitals and a large group of farm hospitals in GDA.
8) Companies controlled by higher-ranking government have higher corporate value.
9) For higher-ranking officials who managed to abscond with large amounts of money, the US was the favourite destination, while Canada, Australia and the Netherlands were also popular.
10) It seems to have considered legal action against higher-ranking officials,[] too.
11) Some higher-ranking individuals changed their behavior.
12) These low-ranking wives have relatively more daughters than higher-ranking and monogamously married wives.
13) Many of them, the higher-ranking individuals for the most part, left altogether, and the others settled down at a safe distance, forming a rough circle about eighty yards around the lions.
14) Rapid changes in the occupational structure, facilitated by educational expansion, have increased the overall chances of entering higher-ranking occupations.
15) The lodge was often the cottage of the gamekeeper, caretaker, gatekeeper, or gardener, or it could be a larger building for occupation by a higher-ranking person.
16) Mr. Lewis acknowledged that year-end bonuses were cut across the company, with higher-ranking managers taking the largest 'hits.
17) And the most important of all: she is supportive. So that if her kid gets into a fight, even if it is with a higher-ranking individual, she will not hesitate to go in and help.
18) And as expected these women produced more daughters than higher-ranking and monogamous wives, according to the findings published in Biology Letters.
19) For example, alpha rolls. The early researchers saw this behavior and concluded that the higher-ranking wolf was forcibly rolling the subordinate to exert his dominance.
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