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Greenhouse effect in a sentence

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Similar words: the greenhouse effectgreenhousetake effectside effectripple effecteffecteffectedin effectMeaning: n. warming that results when solar radiation is trapped by the atmosphere; caused by atmospheric gases that allow sunshine to pass through but absorb heat that is radiated back from the warmed surface of the earth. 
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(1) The specific impact of the greenhouse effect is unknowable.
(2) The destruction of forests is contributing to the greenhouse effect.
(3) Carbon dioxide is the largest contributor to the greenhouse effect.
(4) This is the well-known greenhouse effect.
(5) Global warming is otherwise known as the greenhouse effect.
(6) Nitrous oxide Six percent of the current greenhouse effect.
(7) These are the greenhouse effect, the destruction of the ozone layer[], and acid rain.
(8) They contribute 14 percent of the greenhouse effect and are increasing at the rate of 6 percent a year.
(9) The answer is that the greenhouse effect is very weak on Mars.
(10) The Greenhouse Effect is now the e world's most pressing environmental problem.
(11) The failure of the Martian greenhouse effect is obviously not due to any shortage of carbon dioxide!
(12) The greenhouse effect is something else that is supposedly happening on our planet.
(13) People were cursing the Greenhouse Effect and swearing that it had put paid to surf in Hawaii for all time.
(14) Methane is one of the principal gases contributing to the greenhouse effect.
(15) We are all beginning to experience global warming due to the enhanced greenhouse effect.
(16) Ever tighter regulations are being introduced to protect the environment from emissions contributing to the greenhouse effect or acid rain.
(17) Carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming - the Greenhouse Effect.
(18) Some refer to this change in the climate as global warming, others as the greenhouse effect.
(19) As levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane increase, the greenhouse effect will trap increasing amounts of heat.
(20) Nitrous oxide is also responsible for about six percent of the greenhouse effect.
(21) They remove dead timber, they are wonderful architects, and they generate methane gas, which contributes to the greenhouse effect.
(22) However, emissions of NOx gases in the upper atmosphere have a greenhouse effect 100 times more powerful than C02.
(23) Burning these releases stored carbon are CO2 into the air, contributing to the greenhouse effect.
(24) It is not officially known whether this is attributable to the greenhouse effect or natural climate variability.
(25) Representatives from countries all over the world met in Nairobi at the end of June to discuss the greenhouse effect.
(26) The Ice Ages, in short, were caused by a greenhouse effect in reverse.
(27) It has also adopted nuclear power as a solution to the greenhouse effect.
(28) A clear example can be seen in the case of the destruction of the ozone layer, causing the greenhouse effect.
(29) Solar changes were the main cause from 1750 to 1850, but the greenhouse effect has been dominant in recent decades.
(30) Three out of four home owners expressed concern about the greenhouse effect.
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