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Gather in a sentence

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Sentence count:273+6Posted:2016-07-16Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: accumulateamassassemblebring togetherbunchclustercollectcompilefoldgrouppleattuckAntonym: disposedistributedividesortSimilar words: gatheringgateallegationobligationinvestigateinvestigatorinvestigationfatherMeaning: ['gæðə(r)]  n. 1. sewing consisting of small folds or puckers made by pulling tight a thread in a line of stitching 2. the act of gathering something. v. 1. assemble or get together 2. collect in one place 3. collect or gather 4. conclude from evidence 5. draw fabric together and sew it tightly 6. get people together 7. look for (food) in nature. 
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31. Birds gather in large numbers beside the river.
32. You two know each other, I gather.
33. We must gather people to our side.
34. I didn't gather much from his lecture.
35. 'She won't be coming.' 'So I gather.'
36. She's his niece, from what I can gather.
37. People would gather from near and far.
38. The researcher's job is to gather information about people.
39. Gather round! I have an important announcement to make.
40. I gather from your letter that you're not enjoying your job.
41. During the winter months, great flocks of gulls gather at rubbish tips and sewage outfalls.
42. She sat trying to gather her thoughts before making her speech.
43. Give me a few minutes to gather my thoughts together.
44. Gather your toys up.
45. The spacecraft will fly round the Earth to gain/gather momentum for its trip to Jupiter.
46. Cows tend to gather together at one end of a field when it is going to rain.
47. I didn't gather much form the confused story he told me.
48. You've got half an hour to gather up anything you'll need for the journey.
49. The man signalled for me to gather the children together.
50. I sat down for a moment to gather my strength.
51. I gather his report is highly critical of the trial judge.
52. On a clear(, straight road you can gather/pick up speed.
53. I could not gather from his appearance whether he was satisfied or not.
54. From what I can gather, there's been some kind of problem.
55. You're self-employed, I gather.
56. Fortunately the short delay gave him time to gather himself.
57. She thought that if she armed herself with all the knowledge she could gather she could handle anything.
58. We gather up from various sources a great amount of firsthand data.
59. Heads of government from more than 100 countries gather in Geneva tomorrow.
60. Our officers are moving them along and not allowing them to gather in large groups.
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