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Feed on in a sentence

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Sentence count:132+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: feed uponSimilar words: feedbackweed outbased onfeefeelfeel outfeel likeneedMeaning: v. be sustained by. 
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1) bats feed on insects and fruit.
2) Cows feed on grass.
3) Cows feed on hay.
4) The sheep feed on grass.
5) Birds feed on nuts and berries in the winter.
6) Butterflies feed on the flowers of garden plants.
7) Owls feed on mice and other small animals.
8) The caterpillars feed on these plants until they pupate.
9) These worms feed on plant debris.
10) Slugs feed on decaying plant and animal material.
11) The caterpillars feed on a wide range of trees, shrubs and plants.
12) All animals including men feed on plants or other animals.
13) The ivory gull often follows polar bears to feed on the remains of seal kills.
14) Mosquitoes will feed on any vertebrate blood.
15) The larvae feed on the young shoots of water-lilies.
16) Scavenging crabs move in to feed on dead tubeworms.
17) The adults defoliate plants,( on.html) and the larvae feed on roots.
18) Woodchucks feed on greens, and the snow has to melt before they grow.
19) It is willing and able to feed on a variety of prey species, up to the size of antelopes.
20) They feed on insects, seed and shoots, digging in the snow with well-feathered feet and burrowing for food and shelter.
21) They feed on crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic insects, live fish and will scavenge on dead fish.
22) And as many as 2,500 whopper swans feed on the farmland adjacent to the lough.
23) The larvae of this fly feed on woolly alder aphids.
24) Consequently, the swallows fly progressively higher to feed on the insects.
25) The sound feed on the Internet will be the commentary supplied on television channels such as the Discovery Channel.
26) The savanna is also the home of meat - eaters — the lion, leopard,[] and hyena who feed on the grasseaters.
27) Prosimians, such as the nocturnal mouse lemur of Madagascan forests, feed on invertebrates and are active at night.
28) When in the nineteenth century naturalists first examined it, they were mystified as to how any animal could feed on it.
29) Then they jump on to their prey, paralyse it and feed on it.
30) The drawings help explain what to do. 11 Breeding flour beetles Flour beetles live in and feed on stored flour.
More similar words: feedbackweed outbased onfeefeelfeel outfeel likeneedweeddonespeedlie downcome downwashed outdonorspeed upneedleexceedtake downhand onhold ondone inproceedwrite downclose downhead ondonatepardonoff and onabandon
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