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Fecundity in a sentence

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Sentence count:53Posted:2017-02-07Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: pecuniaryjocundrubicundconditionrenditionconditionssecurityconditionalMeaning: [fɪ'kʌndətɪ]  n. 1. the intellectual productivity of a creative imagination 2. the state of being fertile; capable of producing offspring 3. the quality of something that causes or assists healthy growth. 
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1. Fecundity declines rapidly after the age of 40.
2. The fecundity of her imagination remained undiminished even at 80.
3. fecundity of the mind.
4. If fecundity continued to evade her, the question of responsibility was bound to come up sooner or later.
5. Women can not increase their fecundity by taking more mates; men can.
6. As in the case of genes, fecundity is much more important than longevity of particular copies.
7. The illustrations throughout achieve density without confusion, fecundity without claustrophobia.
8. Due to its small size and high fecundity it is relatively cheap to breed, buy and maintain.
9. The fecundity of adult Jerichos must be legend, the navigation abilities of the larvae extraordinary.
10. The probability of survival is the reciprocal of fecundity.
11. The boy's fecundity of imagination amazed his teacher.
12. He delighted in female subtlety, slyness and fecundity.
13. FECUNDITY tends to match instability across Africa: the greater the misery, the higher the birth rate.
14. The fecundity of freedom is demonstrated most dramatically and clearly in agriculture.
15. During the experiment, the statistics of fecundity of full blood female ticks and observation with anatomical lens on the part of ticks infected by the S. carpocapsae were done.
16. The fecundity and number of eggs hatched by C. chinensis were significantly reduced with increasing interspecific male density than with conspecific male density.
17. Life cycle, generation time, fecundity, and egg production quantity are the main factors to determine these two species' vertical migration.
18. Whitefly longevity and fecundity are the shortest and the lowest on treated cucumber plants with only phosphorus fertilizer.
19. There were fewer famines and a greater agricultural surplus which allowed people to live longer and increase their fecundity.
20. From the poor they extract money in payment for the good luck and fecundity that their blessings are supposed to
21. Pompeii lay in verdant, wine-growing country and so gave special prominence to Venus, goddess of fecundity, Hercules and Bacchus.
22. In early religion she was worshipped as the patroness of marriage, her fecundity being petitioned with gifts of fruit and seeds.
23. The bottom half is a counterpoint to the showy fecundity of the top.
24. After can be with microwave debaucjed of remedial palace neck affected fecundity?
25. The influence law of sublethal doses of imidacloprid on growth and development, life and fecundity of Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris) was determined.
26. Accordingly, the existence of Hymen, inbreak to preventing a bacteria, the system of the reproduction inside protection, fecundity that assures a female, have very important sense.
27. Freeze - banking pieces of ovarian cortex prior to treatment is a new technology for preserving fecundity.
28. On all host plants, significant relationships were founded between larval survival, duration of larval stage, pupal weight, adult eclosion rate and fecundity.
29. Shelley Rice describes Kuhn's Brazil as "mobile, never fixed; it moves back and forth between wilderness and civilization, between carnality and oblivion, fecundity and decay."
30. The results showed that all these factors except for light time obviously influenced the fly growth and fecundity.
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