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Lacuna in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2016-10-07Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: jocundcunningvacuumfacultylunarunableunabatedspectacularMeaning: [lə'kjuːnə]  n. 1. a blank gap or missing part 2. an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome. 
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1. Let us call this the structural lacuna of the intentional scenario.
2. Lacuna came to a stop behind her, and pulled her gently into an embrace that for once was nothing but tender.
3. Electron micrograph of a chondrocyte in its lacuna and almost entirely filling the lacunar space.
4. There was so much very deep lacuna in his crude big hands.
5. Objective The clinical characteristics of lacuna encephalon infarction was analysis.
6. Reasons of forming first cracks were foundry lacuna, impurity gathering , lard exiting.
7. Objective We analysis the clinical significance of lacuna encephalon infarction.
8. It is this political lacuna that makes optimists about Brazil so impatient.
9. What I wish to suggest is that filling the structural lacuna makes structured talk without higher-order thought look much less likely.
10. These tracheoles may be termed the larval or provisional tracheoles, and they extend in bundles into the developing lacunae.
11. Objective To investigate the clinical value of transcranial Doppler ( TCD ) in cerebral lacuna infarct.
12. Methods: The simple mini-size perfusion cannula for continuous douche and negative pressure drainage was handmade and used on 23 patients suffering from large hypodermal infected lacuna.
13. Owing to connaturally cultural difference, barriers are of great ineluctability in translation, in which cultural lacuna is one of the most knotty ones.
14. Head MRI showed infarction of left paraventricular and corpus callosum, and old lacuna infarction of right basal ganglion and pons.
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15. The influence factors of fracture life are composites boards lay structure, wood - lacuna, and bamboo structure.
16. Results 42 cases were successfully, detain 7 - 16 days without lacuna out.
17. Our increased awareness of the scarcity value of environmental resources makes this lacuna especially troubling.
18. Because of the draggle of the administer conceptions , the lacuna of legislation and the defects of the remedy mechanism, the clash between the administration and educated rights is increasing.
19. Pumice concrete after being close-grained and molding is not sensitive to maintaining conditions, and this idiosyncrasy can predigest maintaining measures and reduce lacuna.
20. Owing to its effect of the surface and intrinsic lacuna, carbon nanotubes have perfect reactive ability than other allotrope of graphite.
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