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Reckon in a sentence

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Sentence count:175+23 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-10-30Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: appraisebelievecalculatecomputeconsidercountdeemestimateevaluatefancyfigureholdimaginejudgeregardsupposethinkSimilar words: back ongo back onfall back oncheck outrecklook onneckdeckMeaning: ['rekən]  v. 1. expect, believe, or suppose 2. judge to be probable 3. deem to be 4. make a mathematical calculation or computation 5. have faith or confidence in 6. take account of. 
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(1) They that reckon without their host are to reckon twice. 
(2) We didn't reckon for having such bad weather.
(3) Do you reckon he'll agree to see us?
(4) 'They'll never find out.' 'You reckon?'
(5) We reckon her among our best reporters.
(6) Reckon the cost before you decide.
(7) I reckon him as a friend.
(8) I reckon it's going to rain.
(9) I reckon I'm going to get that job.
(10) It's worth a lot of money, I reckon.
(11) I'm proud to reckon you among my friends.
(12) We reckon your pay with our adding machine.
(13) Don't reckon upon the weather being fine for your garden party.
(14) Did you reckon in the time needed for unloading the cargo?
(15) He'll be famous one day. What do you reckon ?
(16) You had better reckon without me,as I am not sure whether I shall be able to come.
(17) I reckon her backache was just a way of getting out of the housework.
(18) You can always reckon on Jim; he'll never fail you.
(19) Reckon up all your money and see if you have enough.
(20) I wouldn't reckon him among my enemies though I disliked him.
(21) Can I reckon on you to help?
(22) I reckon I screwed the chemistry exam up totally.
(23) I reckon that he is old enough.
(24) I reckon I'm due one of my travels.
(25) They had many difficulties to reckon with.
(26) She doesn't know how to reckon with this problem.
(27) I reckon she has good reason to feel smug.
(28) You can't always reckon on good weather.
(29) She's been promising to pay back the money for six months(Sentence dictionary), but I reckon she's just stringing me along.
(30) I paid for the tickets and you bought dinner so we're quits, I reckon.
More similar words: back ongo back onfall back oncheck outrecklook onneckdeckcheckcheck incheck upcheckpointpick outback ofback outpick offstick outknock outblack outknock offfor lack ofrecalldirectrecouprecedereciperecentrecordcorrectreceive
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