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Episodic memory in a sentence

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Similar words: episodememoryin memory offrom memorymemorizememorialmemoriseepistemologyMeaning: n. memory for episodes in your own life. 
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1. The problem is especially serious for an episodic memory, which is a unique category that ties together a series of elements.
2. The tests included an episodic memory test, in which the patient must correctly remember a list of words.
3. Objective To study the episodic memory, semantic memory in maintenance hemodialysis (MHD) patients.
4. Episodic memory is our memory for events in their sequence of occurrence, usually associated with some form of tagging for time, place, other people present, and so forth.
5. Objective Episodic memory is a kind of memory for events that occurred in a particular place at a particular time.
6. Neuroscientists have long believed that the brain's so-called episodic memory circuits are largely involved in remembering past events or occurrences.
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7. Since episodic memory is closely relative to self and consciousness, studies on episodic memory will reveal the relationship between memory and consciousness.
8. Objective To investigate the selectivity of episodic memory aging and its variability in relation to anxiety.
9. This course is an investigation to distinguish episodic memory, which is memory of personal events, from semantic memory, which is general knowledge independent of time and place.
10. Episodic memory contains information about the content of an experience(item), as well as its context(source).
11. Then there is episodic memory, which hangs onto memorable events from our own lives.
12. He was particularly interested in a type of memory called episodic memory, which relates to specific events, places and times.
13. Research shows that females may have an advantage when it comes to episodic memory, a type of long-term memory based on personal experiences.
14. Alzheimer's disease is a severely debilitating condition that affects thinking, learning and memory[], beginning with declines in episodic memory.
15. I really enjoy the ingenuity of scientists testing optimism and pessimism in starlings, episodic memory in scrub jays and meadow voles, joy in rats.
16. Another useful distinction can be made between two dimensions of long-term memory: semantic memory and episodic memory.
17. According to Whitehouse, they are all classic examples of rituals that invoke episodic memory - creating personally significant events that are imprinted into the initiate's mind.
18. Impaired odor identification was also associated with a lower level of global cognition at baseline and with more rapid decline in episodic memory, semantic memory, and perceptual speed.
19. It seems that memory aging is selective, primarily occurs in working memory and episodic memory.
20. It is also possible that hippocampus be involved in the episodic memory, but not in emotional process.
21. The most important models are the semantic memory and episodic memory models.
22. AD, the most common form of dementia, is characterized by a general, progressive decline in cognitive function that typically presents first as impaired episodic memory.
23. This study, from a limited neuropsychology prospective, indicates that item memory and source memory which are two different components in episodic memory may have different neural substrate.
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