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Brethren in a sentence

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Sentence count:101Posted:2017-05-16Updated:2017-05-16
Similar words: threnodyurethrasore throatthreethrewthreatthreadthreatenMeaning: ['breðrən] n. (plural) the lay members of a male religious order. 
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1. Those of our brethren were now at rest.
2. We must support our weaker brethren.
3. The Brethren meet regularly for prayer.
4. Let us pray, brethren.
5. All were in this sense brethren and capable through redemption of striving to abolish sin.
6. There was a lovely silence in the Brethren assembled on Sunday morning as we waited for the Spirit.
7. His parents were members of the fundamentalist Plymouth Brethren and their strict religion dominated his early life.
8. There they were tended by the Brethren of the Order, and elsewhere by those monks who had survived.
9. Brethren, a branch that believed in keeping itself pure of false doctrine by avoiding association with the impure.
10. At the bottom of the garden his brethren of the cloth were submitting his character to a sustained and vicious mauling.
11. Occasionally, one would be considerably larger than its brethren with its crest attempting to break.
12. The Brethren of the Order were set free to go to Kolossi.
13. The abbot was reluctant to allow the Brethren to join in.
14. Twenty-eight Brethren worshiped there, in a large bare rented room on the second floor of the bus depot.
15. Their brethren had fled screaming from the battlefield.
16. Terry jabbered with her brethren, asking for jobs.
17. Agelong Hindu cruelty to his unhappy brethren filled Ambedkar with anger and spite.
18. Both parents were committed members of the Plymouth Brethren.
19. Sri Lankans share a common ancestry with their Indian brethren.
20. We should do all we can to help our less fortunate brethren.
21. Such doubts energized the smaller community of demographic revisionists, who emerged to do battle with their Malthusian brethren.
22. He also purported to apply the conventional collateral fact doctrine but reached a different conclusion from that of his brethren.
23. In all divine offices in the abbey, in reading and in meditation,[ ] he associated with the brethren in the cloister.
24. It was then that the city pastors began asking their brethren in the mountain villages to organise sanctuary for the refugees.
25. They coach at Little League and roar with their brethren at Lions meetings and stay out of the bars.
26. Many lawyers in commerce and industry are at a disadvantage over Woolf, compared to their private practice brethren.
27. The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion. Thomas Paine 
28. Some are communications and weather satellites not unlike their civilian brethren.
29. These large fish are called ferox, a distinct species of brown trout that make their living by eating their smaller brethren.
30. A wall clock will tell you the time of day but not its manufactured brethren.
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