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Bistable in a sentence

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1. S2 may subsequently reset the bistable and cancel operation.
2. In this way, a single D-type bistable can remember one binary digit - or 0 or a 1.
3. Fig. 3 shows the symbol for an S-R bistable.
4. Operation of the D-type bistable may be illustrated using the circuit shown in Fig. 10.
5. The bistable will now be in a stable condition.
6. The clocked S-R bistable can be built using the Plugblock layout shown in Fig. 9.
7. Control principle is introduced,[Sentence dictionary] and acoustooptical bistable (AOB) system is taken as a typical example to demonstrate the effectiveness of this method.
8. These batteries are fine for simple electronics, and bistable displays.
9. Modulations of control parameter on chemical bistable system is investigated by using of parameter modulation method.
10. A bistable storage device which stores binary data as states of flip - flop elements.
11. Each tristable lattice structure unit consists of four bistable slices, wherein the four bistable slices are connected through bolts or glued joint.
12. Bistable Trigger Circuit A trigger circuit that has two stable states.
13. Bistable optical device's modulating function and electro optical feedback function are a group of non linear equation.
14. Self-perpetuating relay is a bistable relay which is low power consumption, stably working and is driven by impulse.
15. Bistable stochastic resonance method is proposed for the detection of time-varying underwater acoustic line-spectrum detection and the parameters can be used in detection system are presented.
16. Otherwise, the intracavity modulating laser with feedback device can be used in digital optical communication because of its bistable and multistable out-put.
17. The simulation results showed that after shifting the input frequency to a small one, the output power spectrum peaks of the bistable system were strongly enhanced at this frequency.
18. We find that the permeability and the resonance frequency can be adjusted by the DC bias magnetic field, and the bistable characteristic arises under certain conditions.
19. The section introduced working principle and manufacture technology of zenithal bistable nematic LCD.
20. It is confirmed that high contrast ratio of over 100 and reflectance of 100% with polarized light input are possible for such reflectance bistable displays.
21. Now that Apple iPad has paved the way, e-reader makers could also be re-evaluating the LCD as an alternative to the bistable, low-power but black-and-white E Ink display.
22. We study numerically the effect of signal modulating noise in bistable stochastic dynamical systems.
23. In this paper a new method of using double feedback proces to improve static stability of optical bistable device is presented.
24. This part also carries on computational analysis of simple model to the DMD bistable condition.
25. First, we would introduce fundamental Current-Voltage characters of the bistable resistive switching behavior.
26. To improve beamforming under low signal-to-noise ratio, a method based on stochastic resonance(SR)in a bistable model is investigated by using a frequency scale transformation method.
27. By combination of existed technology, the clue of development of large screen display by bistable technology is presented.
28. In this paper we discuss the design of fast framerate Bistable Chole-steric Texture(BCT)reflective displays.
29. It is found that the system will be in monostable state or bistable state, which is controlled by the competition between the uniaxial anisotropy and the exchange anisotropy of the system.
30. It takes a long time to get the SNR curve of a simplest bistable system because the ensemble average must be applied to the system .
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