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Cringe in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2016-12-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: cowercrouchsquatSimilar words: infringestringenttingehingeringfingersingerbringMeaning: [krɪndʒ]  v. 1. draw back, as with fear or pain 2. show submission or fear. 
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1. She felt herself cringe with embarrassment at the memory.
2. It makes me cringe when I think how stupid I was.
3. I cringe when I think of the poems I wrote then.
4. Tender flesh the color of pearls makes her cringe.
5. It made me cringe at its over-the-top violence.
6. And the arms cringe when they touch human flesh.
7. Parents of later learners cringe and begin to wonder what the heck is going on.
8. During it all, nothing has made me cringe more than the sound of an approaching bike.
9. Many gay men today cringe at the thought that this was a major component of the sexuality of our precursors.
10. It may cringe away, or if cornered might bare its teeth unexpectedly.
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11. Sometimes, regrettably, though the idea may make us cringe, that voice may be that of a convicted murderer.
12. Which make you cringe slightly, or shift about in your seat?
13. I cringe in the grocery store when I see a mother and daughter arguing.
14. It makes me cringe into the smelly upholstery of his battered armchair.
15. Yet Harrison had cause to cringe at the casual manner in which his case was opened and aired.
16. Dad can be so long-winded sometimes, I cringe when he starts talking to someone new.
17. Even some certified conservatives cringe at the thought of embracing a measure that taxes wages far more than investment income.
18. But they cringe at the idea that some one else may benefit at their expense.
19. Do you cringe before a religion compounded of clouds and moonbeams?
20. It is so lethal that I cringe in terror every time I have to face it.
21. Your foolish talk makes me cringe.
22. By the cringe(, it's cold out here.
23. Did you cringe watching some of your tanturms?
24. His way of sleeping makes me cringe.
25. Natives will cringe and squirm with embarrassment at such brashness.
26. I cringe with embarrassment when I reread those first stories I wrote.
27. The memory of that morning flooded in, making her cringe inside.
28. Also, she peppered her lectures with unscientific statements that made doctors cringe.
29. She had no wish to appear impolite but there was something about the man that made her cringe.
30. In their company, Tom and Gerri are patient, kind and nonjudgmental, offering advice and encouragement and overlooking behavior that might make less generous spirits cringe.
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