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Ingest in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-03-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: absorbassimilateconsumehavetaketake inSimilar words: youngestcongestedcongestiondecongestantgestapogesturesuggestgestationMeaning: [ɪn'dʒest]  v. 1. serve oneself to, or consume regularly 2. take up mentally. 
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1, They wash with the soap and ingest the drug.
2, The macrophages collect to ingest the lipid material.
3, You will ingest only the lightest of substances.
4, Rodents ingest little bits of Toxo from cat feces and Toxo goes straight to their heads.
5, For external use only. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.
6, Earthworms ingest 10.3% of annual average broad-leafed litter in Liangshui national nature reserve.
7, Ingest transactions consist of Descriptive Information which identifies new AIPs stored in the archive.
8, Conclusion The RPE cells can effectively ingest negatively charged macromolecules, possibly by scavenger receptor mediated endocytosis.
9, The empty table is then ready to ingest new data until its next purge date.
10, Deputy Garman : [ On needing to ingest the loo ] I do order a lowercase more help.
11, Let them climb, take trenches,( physique bridges and ingest parachutes.
12, Programs that ingest data , transform it, and then spit it out are called filters.
13, My body put on weight and I began to trust it to do more than ingest food and run.
14, People who overdose in a suicidal attempt may take one or several drugs but generally ingest at most one pack of each.
15, There are grazing species which feed mainly on food animal organisms but ingest large amounts of algae in the process.
16, The difficult time is immediately after metamorphosis, when they must have live food small enough to ingest.
17, In this way only those predators that attack live animals are affected when they ingest the substance contained in the neck device.
18, It is known to develop in individuals with peptic disease who ingest large amounts of calcium-carbonate-based antacids.
19, Then we have to learn how much did the person ingest and get the caller to quantify it.
20, An old-fashioned mercury thermometer is fine for use by adults but not by children (who might bite the glass and ingest mercury, which is poisonous).
21, The potentency of the toxIn from Clostridium botulInum is sufficient to create 65 % fatality In humans who Ingest the toxIn.
22, Getting new data from operational systems into a warehouse fact table is a process known by terms like ETL, ingest, populating the warehouse, and roll-in.
23, Depending on the type of document, which is defined with the text index format, different ingest handlers and parsers are used to extract and filter the text.
24, When the snakes get too big, offending owners release them into the typically Floridian wild, wherethey ingest endangered species like the Key Largo wood rat and invadewildlife refuges.
25, The study found that at least 20 percent of patients with DILI ingest more than one potentially hepatotoxic agent.
26, When a mosquito takes some blood from a human, she may also ingest Plasmodium.
27, Upon completion of the transfer, this function sends a storage confirmation message to Ingest, including the storage identification of the AIPs.
28, Lose momentum and your forward thrust will be curtailed. If you ingest the animosity and acrimonious threats of the nay sayers you will be discouraged, and indeed that is their controlling motive.
29, Studio supports cropping, resizing and rotating photos. You haw also ingest effects.
30, Working around the clock, we induced strangulation in a mouse. This was accomplished by coaxing the rodent to ingest healthy portions of Gouda cheese and then making it laugh.
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