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Any number of in a sentence

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Sentence count:123Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
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1. She has any number of things she must do today.
2. There must be any number of people in my position.
3. His shop stocks any number of different kinds of pasta.
4. I could give you any number of reasons for not going.
5. There are any number of miracle cures on the market for people gullible enough to buy them.
6. There could be any number of reasons why she's late.
7. Certainly, there are any number of reasons for doubt.
8. It can cover any number of things.
9. The sauce tastes great with any number of grilled dishes.
10. In addition, you can add any number of personal comments to the document.
11. Any number of circumstances may give rise to a fluctuation in workload thus upsetting staffing predictions.
12. A general concept can be exemplified by any number of particular instances which need not stand in any causal relation with each other.
13. Hence the diagram represents a determiner followed by any number of adjectives followed by a noun.
14. At any number of points events could have developed in dramatically different ways if the balance of power had shifted only slightly.
14. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
15. There were any number of cranes, cars and mechanical arms fashioned from the modern equivalents of Meccano.
16. Though Manhattan sports any number of bars capable of making a great drink, the grand hotel bar is a rare breed.
17. To print a schedule for any number of days, just click on the printer icon.
18. There were, it was true, any number of superficial similarities.
19. Of course, any number of fascinating and nasty parasites can join this microbial community and make the human body their home.
20. Any number of trips can be taken, but travel for charter members must be completed by April 1, 1998.
21. Both categories could keep any number of sinecures with their permitted number of cures.
22. Instead of waiting for chance spawnings, you can start a breeding programme with any number of different fish species.
23. Their conversations with suspects are likely to be more intelligible than the form-filling friendliness of any number of custody officers.
24. Extend your answer to problem 1.6 so that it deals with any number of input devices.
25. Recipes can be automatically scaled up or down to feed any number of people.
26. It could be the most destabilizing element imaginable, and it appeared to be a possibility in any number of countries.
27. The effect of a double-Harrison transformation can be deduced by any number of competing techniques.
28. The election, the most fraught for decades, could have turned on any number of issues.
29. After Taylor was named gang boss and foreman, shop tensions might have dissipated in any number of ways.
30. Of course, Alladice can occupy his time in custody by lodging any number of formal complaints.
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