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Adaptive in a sentence

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Sentence count:276Posted:2016-11-16Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: adaptadapt toadaptabledeceptivenativeactivemotivefurtiveMeaning: [-tɪv]  adj. having a capacity for adaptation. 
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31. It was this criticism of the adaptive expectations hypothesis that led to the development of the rational expectations hypothesis.
32. I would love to see the building in adaptive reuse, both personally and as an elected official.
33. An adaptive step-size natural gradient algorithm is proposed.
34. Is there an adaptive value to 9 intelligence?
35. One example includes an adaptive equalizer receiver 34.
36. Social facilitation is an adaptive condition.
37. Adaptive learning system is an individualized learning support system.
38. Adaptive equalizer has become focus in the field of communication.
39. Theory analysis and the result of simulations show that the scheme possess simultaneously both good behavior of servo tracking and stochastic regulation in adaptive control system of our design.
40. Futhermore, proposed an adaptive motion vector refinement scheme to improve PSNR greater, it is better than conventional FDVS, bilinear interpolation method and forward vector method.
41. Forth, a novel error control method for Internet video communication is proposed, named adaptive intra update.
42. The second one, it defines some methods of calculation for some key variables and establishes the calculation model of the adaptive value.
43. So this article extended our adaptive dynamic threshold shceme to the priority service models and established its simulation modeling.
43. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
44. This scale consists of two parts, adaptive testing and illness diagnostic test.
45. This paper presents an adaptive control based on rule - adaptive fuzzy control according to the electrohydraulic servosystem' s nonlinear characteristic in simulator.
46. A method of fast motion estimation based on frame vector accumulative carry and adaptive break algorithms is proposed.
47. Biologists have long recognized that mammals larger than rabbits tend to shrink on small islands, presumably as an adaptive response to the limited food supply.
48. The image noise filters are classified into optimal filters, adaptive weighted mean filters, and order statistics filters.
49. The simulation results satisfy the demands of control and validate the feasibility of model reference fuzzy adaptive control scheme, which lay the ground work for future engineering practice.
50. The real running results show the good performance and practicability of the adaptive controller.
51. Secondly, the summarization of Complex Adaptive System Theory was made.
52. For the last two decades, the computerized adaptive testing (CAT), based on the Item Response Theory (IRT), is rapidly developed and applied in examination field.
53. It brings up a new DS - CDMA multiuser interference suppression receiver with a subspace tracking adaptive array.
54. This paper develops a voice compress algorithm - SB - ADPCM ( Sub Band - adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation ).
55. Then the typical existing adaptive resource allocation algorithms are investigated in details. A system-level simulation model is built up for OFDMA-MIMO multi-hop relay systems.
56. I have improved the algorithm of a fast adaptive dynamic threshold algorithm which was used by the former version. So it can solve light region problem and can avoid losing information.
57. First, this paper presents a shape-keeping and adaptive feature points sampling algorithm, which can reduce storage and computational requirments in the post-processing procedure.
58. The canceler consists of a plant emulator and an inverse plant, which are in the forms of linear adaptive finite impulse response (FIR) filters.
59. On-board adaptive model can predict the deterioration parameters by Kalman filter and trim the on-board model to match the actual engine.
60. In near Infrared waveband the adaptive optics and interferometry have been used in large telescopes successfully.
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