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White-haired in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2017-11-19Updated:2017-11-19
Similar words: whiteheadwhite housewhite heatthe White Househairedgrey-hairedwhitewhitenMeaning: adj. 1. showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair 2. favorite. 
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(1) He mellowed into a white-haired wise man.
(2) An old white-haired woman in a wheelchair, her legs covered by a tartan rug, wearing a canary yellow blouse.
(3) A white-haired race official administers a carbonated electrolyte beverage whose effect is immediate: Paul vomits all over the truck bed.
(4) The men are white-haired and silent, the women dark-haired with sharp tongues.
(5) The white-haired man, bright-eyed, veined, ancient, was sitting on a sofa, drink in hand.
(6) Reverend Stamina Jones was a tall, stately, white-haired man with clear eyes in an extremely dark round face.
(7) Jessie was small and hunched, like a white-haired mouse, hardly visible beneath the garments she carried.
(8) Bhopal ji was as thin and white-haired as a granny but his intelligence radiated like body heat.
(9) A beautiful, white-haired Liliane and an equally handsome Olivier answer the door.
(10) Mr Farrer, a white-haired man in his fifties, had been stone deaf since he was a child.
(11) He was a burly man of average height, white-haired and distinguished looking.
(12) A white-haired waiter with a drooping moustache confided that the marinade was a speciality of the chef.
(13) He saw in front that white-haired old woman, whose eyes flashed red with anger.
(14) The white-haired whiner's greatest contribution to gaming, perhaps, is delivering proof that players actually care about nonsense like "characters" and "story."
(15) Anand Hotwani, an elegant white-haired, pencil-mustachioed judge presiding over Karachi's ATC 3, says lack of evidence is the biggest obstacle to convictions.
(16) The white-haired man was still trying to explain what he wanted to the junior assistant.
(17) While we played[], I'd stare at that white-haired man with the starry-black sword and the empty eyes.
(18) Near a flower garden,two white-haired grannies are knittinging the sunshine.
(19) Spacious library, a white-haired professor, wavy ladder classrooms, one after the talks, acts of foreign films, a variety of activities.
(20) Near a flower garden, two white-haired grannies are knitting in the sunshine.
(21) Two streets later, a white-haired man in a blue tracksuit is walking his Jack Russell terrier.
(22) If you're white-haired, dying and can not find happiness, then, try childlike innocence!
(23) The wait will not be very long, but your white-haired hair collapse hurt.
(24) Rachel looked over her shoulder and saw a tall, white-haired man in a crumpled dark suit.
(25) James Archer was a tall man in his sixties, white-haired and dean shaven.
(26) To "Chang'an Building, " which stands at the up of a white-haired grandmother, what must have something to bear it, otherwise how old she was at such a crowded car?
(27) At the time of his death, Eddie was a squat, white-haired old man, with a short neck, a barrel chest, thick forearms, and a faded army tattoo on his right shoulder.
(28) Trailer riffed on the The Thing From Another World ], something under the ice, a white-haired man in eyeglasses (Billy Connolly) leads an FBI team to an isolated location near a farmhouse.
(29) Under a tree, I stand looking around searchingly . A white-haired woman.
(30) While conversing in the most natural and tranquil manner in the world with the white-haired man, she bent upon Marius all the reveries of a virginal and passionate eye.
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