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Vulture in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2017-05-07Updated:2017-05-07
Synonym: marauderpiranhapredatorSimilar words: cultureculturedmass cultureagricultureaquaculturemonocultureculture shockhorticultureMeaning: ['vʌltʃə(r)]  n. 1. any of various large diurnal birds of prey having naked heads and weak claws and feeding chiefly on carrion 2. someone who attacks in search of booty. 
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1. He's a bit of a culture vulture - always out at galleries and theatres.
2. Co. investment firm specializes in vulture investing.
3. I felt like a vulture sitting there waiting for bad emergencies to happen.
4. Mack Stroupe is circling like a vulture, even as we speak.
5. The decline of the vulture is due to the success of livestock farming and loss of habitat.
6. The king vulture sat on its perch, naked head and neck.
7. Two-year-old form suggests Culture Vulture will be the toughest rival for Musicale.
8. The vulture is manipulating the stone and using it as an extension of its beak to crack the egg.
9. The vulture instinct would make him acutely observant for any signs of imminent cerebral haemorrhage in the actor.
10. There is a vulture that breaks ostrich eggs by hurling stones with its beak.
11. In some areas the vulture has vanished, with extinction possibly five years away.
12. That vulture is capable of doing anything.
13. Was G ---- a vulture after all?
14. American vulture smaller than the turkey buzzard.
15. Bearded vulture, Drakensberg Range, South Africa.
16. This is the Ruppell's Griffon Vulture.
16. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
17. A vulture feeds on carrion.
18. The Turkey Vulture could scent up to 10 miles.
19. We saw a vulture gorging on some rotting carcase.
20. The vulture extended his scrawny neck.
21. How can vulture good tooth?
22. This product becomes by a Laos red acid vulture.
23. Fall while fighting me, and you'll be vulture meat!
24. Yes, he looks like a real vulture.
25. Once he even took off after a circling turkey vulture.
26. Also in a remarkable state of preservation is a flute made h-am the ulna at Vulture.
27. When Creed called, Jed was watching a news report about a vulture who'd just been arrested on a murder charge.
28. Williams Holdings is perhaps the classic example of the vulture purchaser.
29. The law is vulnerable to being manipulated or abused to serve injustice, and vulture lawyers simply rape the law and prostitute justice to serve the unscrupulous and guilty for profits. Dr T.P.Chia 
30. The scent of disaster attracted her like carrion attracts the vulture.
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