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Transmission time in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2018-01-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: transmissiondata transmissionautomatic transmissionhigh voltage transmission linetransmissibledismissiontransmigrationtransmitMeaning: n. the coordinated universal time when a transmission is sent from Earth to a spacecraft or other celestial body. 
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1. That's not the transmission time, it's the average number of viewers.
2. The measurement of signal transmission time is a critical technique for Radar and Sonar System.
3. The multi-stage transmission time is obtained by connecting several gate circuits in series, then divided by stage number, the single gate average transmission time is derived.
4. The transmission time delay cannot be neglected while wide area measurement system (WAMS) based on synchronous phasor measurement unit (PMU) is applied to wide area control.
5. The sonic transmission time, acquisition delay time, acquisition interval, acquisition data length and so on are alterable under the intervention of the computer.
6. Lara: Well the transmission time is quite slow, about 10 seconds a page.
7. In the evaluation of file transmission time, based on the algorism for linear transmission path, we take the branched path into account to make the algorism perfect.
8. Settle on a connection type that will meet your transmission time requirements.
9. When the time is expressed as a function of various data rates, the optimum set of data rates for concurrent user groups to achieve minimum transmission time can be derived.
10. This increase in message size effectively results in an increase in data transmission time.
11. A geometric compression algorithm is presented in this paper to save the geometry model storage and transmission time.
12. A large chunk of binary data takes up less space than its encoded representation, so MTOM can reduce transmission time (although it incurs some processing overhead).
13. The point cloud surface is transformed into a set of geometry images first to low the data storage, and hence to reduce the transmission time greatly.
14. And the information value will change according to transmission velocity, transmission time and space in information transmission process.
15. The duration of advertisements shall not exceed one - sixth of the total transmission time of each program.
16. On the basis of relationship between bolt axial stress and rate of change in ultrasonic wave transmission time, the author has developed a device to directly measure axial stress in bolts.
17. Two resource allocation schemes are proposed to minimize the transmission time in multimedia CDMA systems.
18. In PSPF algorithm, the short packet can preempt the transmission time of the long packet and be served first.
18. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
19. This technique solves the problem between the compress ratio and image quality and significantly saves transmission time and storage space.
20. Finally, the two new schemes are compared with the maximum throughput resource allocation scheme, and the differences of these schemes in throughput and transmission time are presented.
21. In this case, the same identification information is transmitted in all the frames in the maximum transmission time interval.
22. As star structure is superior over bus and ring structures in operational maintenance, transmission time and so on, dual-star structure is proposed for process level networking.
23. The following graph demonstrates that compression has a positive impact on transmission time for 128K line speeds or less for HTML content of this size.
24. Therefore, a lossy Internet image transmission scheme based on wavelet transform is presented, by which Internet image transmission time can be decreased substantially.
25. Time increases drastically as bandwidth speed falls: if bandwidth speed falls to 256 Kbps, transmission time increases to 10 hours 40 minutes.
26. In-Order-Delivery of ARQ adds resequencing delay to packets' link transmission time.
27. The quickest path problem is to find a path to send data from the source to the destination with minimum transmission time.
28. You can also reduce the size of the objects returned (and thus the network transmission time) simply by optimizing your object design to not include unnecessary fields.
29. Lossless protocols require retransmission of lost packets, which substantially increases transmission time.
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