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Sulfide in a sentence

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Sentence count:196Posted:2017-06-12Updated:2017-06-12
Similar words: fulfilfulfillfulfilledfulfilmentfulfillingunfulfilledfulfillmentself-fulfillmentMeaning: n. a compound of sulphur and some other element that is more electropositive. 
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1. Small pieces of sulfide rubble, failed fragments of the larger structure, litter the seafloor.
2. A fine dusting of sulfide covers the nearby fiat surfaces of sheeted lavas.
3. If hydrogen sulfide or some other poisonous gas is detected, Donahue dons an airtight breathing device and a hard hat.
4. Sulfide outgrowths that look undeniably like Moose antlers project out from the main mound.
5. Beehive, another sulfide edifice, is a five-minute submersible ride due west of Moose.
6. Sometimes dead sulfide structures maintain their integrity long enough to be colonized by a new set of animals.
7. The hydrogen sulfide is often blamed for the corrosion.
8. It is feasible to produce manganese sulfide by self - propagating high temperature synthesis through thermodynamics computation.
9. The paper discusses the solubility of the arsenious sulfide in the nonoxidizahle strong acids. alkaline solution by way of the experiment.
10. A sulfide compound containing at least two sulfur atoms per molecule.
11. In nature antimony occurs chiefly as the gray sulfide mineral stibnite, Sb2S3.
12. The gold enrichment is closely connected with metal sulfide(or arsenide). and arsenopyrite is the main gold-bearing mineral.
13. Vent water is enriched in reduced chemical compounds, especially hydrogen sulfide.
14. The first primitive forms of life consumed various materials, including hydrogen sulfide, and released oxygen.
15. On postmortem dissections of collected specimens, I found every stomach packed solidly full of sulfide minerals.
16. Ordinary causality was invoked by chemists to cover the observation that sulfur atoms plus iron atoms equal iron sulfide molecules.
17. Many of these factories pollute the air with hydrogen sulfide.
18. The IP anomaly tends to extend considerably at the northeast and southwest ends, which might reflect outward extension of the deep sulfide ore bed.
19. The growth of a series of nano-inorganic crystals induced by DNA templates is summarized in this paper. The nano-crystals include cadmium sulfide, iron oxide, barium sulphate, magnesium chloride...
20. Oxidization under lower potential is a reversible reaction and the rate determining step of this reaction is sulfide ions diffusion controlling.
21. According to the studies on the occurrence state of silver in the Guandi silver deposit,[] silver occurs mainly as independent minerals which are mainly composed of sulfide and sulfosalt.
22. The paper describes the features of bath smelting of lead sulfide concentrate and structural characteristics of the oxygen side-blown direct lead smelting furnace.
23. Most silver ores in dispersive state exist in oxidation manganic minerals(62.79%), others exist in sulfide mineral(28.65%), and few or no silver chloride and natural silver.
24. Pyrrhotite, Pentlandite and chalcopyrite are main metallic minerals in cop-per-nickel sulfide deposits.
25. In order to improve impressibility of the oil for antioxidant, it should be down that increasing refining extent, deeper removing aromatics, colloid, and nitride and decreasing sulfide content.
26. The roasting dust which produced from zinc concentrate roasting process, main contains zinc oxide, zinc ferrite, zinc sulfide, cadmium sulfide, lead sulfate etc.
27. The effect of presence of pyrite and pyrrhotite on the conversion of lead sulfide into lead carbonate in ammonium carbonate solution was investigated.
28. It is summed the microorganisms that can oxygenate hydrogen sulfide in the nature.
29. By using the torsional braid analysis (TBA), We have investigated the dynamic mechanical behavior of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS).
30. The more sulfur a person consumes , the more hydrogen sulfide is produced.
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