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Spendthrift in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-03-26Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: extravagantprodigalprofligatescattergoodspend-allspenderSimilar words: thriftthriftythriftinessspendthrough thick and thinsuspendspendingmisspendMeaning: ['spendθrɪft]  n. someone who spends money prodigally. adj. recklessly wasteful. 
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1. I remember him as a charming but irresponsible spendthrift.
2. His great plan did little to curb the spendthrift state.
3. Certainly not for a wasteful spendthrift, who preyed upon a gullible old woman!
4. Pedro hated his son when he was a spendthrift, and loves him when he is not.
5. His greatest patron was a spendthrift young king who built too many castles and may have been nuts.
6. She was by no means a spendthrift, but somehow all the money disappeared anyway.
7. A spendthrift with a regular, secure income is an object of desire among bankers.
8. He disowned his spendthrift son.
9. My mother warned me about marrying a spendthrift.
10. Spendthrift governments were forced to cut back.
11. I had always been a kind of spendthrift.
12. Nature is a spendthrift.
13. The spendthrift son had once again pulled a fast one on his tight - fisted father.
14. Nobody corrects a spendthrift for consuming his substance in taverns.
15. Walsh was accused of everything from being a partisan zealot to an incompetent spendthrift.
16. Walter Carew had placed the painting of himself further down, dissociating himself from his weaker, lecherous, spendthrift brother.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. If the Tories are seeking to portray Mr Brown as a spendthrift, they are almost certain to fail.
18. Everyone was living off tens of thousands of years of accumulated groundwater, like a spendthrift heir squandering his wealth.
19. My father tells me I'm too much of a spendthrift.
20. Group of pictures takes a look at the lattice army gang of this spendthrift!
21. Even some of the more muted coverage has, more or less, characterized Amazon as a shopaholic or spendthrift of sorts.
22. How long will emerging economies continue to finance America's spendthrift habits?
23. Last year, after surveying shoppers 'passions , behavioral economists Mellon Universitydeveloped what they call the Tightwad - Spendthrift scale.
24. As a good manager, he would put a stop to such spendthrift courses.
25. Countries like Hungary had big, over - leveraged financial systems, plagued by reckless lending and spendthrift consumers.
26. Bloated public administration makes most ex - communist governments chronically spendthrift.
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