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Spectroscopy in a sentence

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Sentence count:203Posted:2017-06-18Updated:2017-06-18
Similar words: spectroscopespectroscopicelectroscopeelectromagnetic spectrumretrospectintrospectin retrospectintrospectiveMeaning: n. the use of spectroscopes to analyze spectra. 
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1. So spectroscopy can yield information on plasma temperatures.
2. Others recalled the role that emission spectroscopy without this high time resolution can have in uncovering photodissociation.
3. Holographic edge filters for Raman spectroscopy are now available from Optilas, the laser and optical specialist.
4. The volume also contains articles on photoelectron spectroscopy and the Auger effect.
5. Auger spectroscopy of igneous and metamorphic rocks has shown fine films of carbon covering grain boundaries.
6. But preliminary investigation by infrared spectroscopy of the lipids in the sorghum grains suggest the possibility of some cultivation.
7. They made spectroscopy a primary tool of chemical analysis.
8. The Cavity ringdown spectroscopy is a new spectroscopic technique.
9. The parity of atomic states is important in spectroscopy.
10. Set up your workstation for normal emission spectroscopy.
11. The application of photothermal deflection spectroscopy technique to thin-layer chromatography has been studied.
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12. Metastable transfer emission spectroscopy ( MTES ) has been used for the determination of trace mercury.
13. FTIR-ATR spectroscopy was used to study the adsorption kinetics and the change of the BSA second order structure.
14. I: chapter 6, the topic is introduced by a short discussion on molecular vibration spectroscopy.
15. Such all-embracing inventions as the transistor, X-rays and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy all come into this category.
16. Crystal cleanliness and crystallinity were checked by Auger electron spectroscopy and low energy electron diffraction, respectively.
17. Chapter 2 presents a concise description of near-field imaging and spectroscopy of single molecules on solid surfaces.
18. Extensive facilities for evaluation of catalytic activity include Auger electron spectroscopy and diffuse reflectance and transmission Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.
19. The book is indispensable to anyone working in atomic theory and should be of interest also to those working in applied spectroscopy.
20. To determine these it is necessary to use a slower method such as atomic absorption spectroscopy or neutron activation.
21. Unfortunately a monochromatic beam is of only limited use for spectroscopy unless it is tunable.
22. Chapter 2 is a review of the different types of lasers available,[] and their suitability for use in atomic spectroscopy.
23. AIM: To investigate the clinical application of proton MR spectroscopy (1HMRS) in cavernous hemangioma, venous angioma and hemangiosarcoma.
24. Active free radicals produced during the photolysis of organo-stannum compounds have been studied by the combination of spin trapping technique and ESR spectroscopy.
25. In this study, we will study larger HCC and other focal lesions, using single voxel proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy(1H-MRS).
26. The synthetic chimera polypeptide was confirmed by Edman degradation and MALDI TOF mass spectroscopy.
27. Mesopore evolution mechanism of phenolic resin-based activated carbon spheres was studied by M?ssbauer Spectroscopy and Transmission Electron Microscope.
28. Ge Si strained layers were characterized with double crystal X ray diffraction, secondary ion mass spectroscopy and spreading resistance. The Ge content in the epilayers was found to be homogeneous.
29. The dependences of peak amplitude and temporal characteristic of pulsed photothermal spectroscopy signal on wavelength tuning are discussed.
30. The obtained self-assembled monolayers were characterized with water contact angle goniometry , auger electron spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
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