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Skin disease in a sentence

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Similar words: diseaseeye diseasedispleasedmerchandiseindistinctindisputablyindispensableindiscriminateMeaning: n. a disease affecting the skin. 
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1. He is suffering from an incurable skin disease.
2. He is being treated for a rare skin disease.
3. The doctor diagnosed my illness as a rare skin disease.
4. This skin disease will clear up in a day or two.
5. The plaintiff contracted dermatitis, a skin disease.
6. Doctors have tried every imaginable treatment for her skin disease.
7. What medicaments can have treated chronic skin disease?
8. The skin disease scarred his face permanently.
9. The new treatment cured his skin disease.
10. It is other skin disease, not be a tinea!
11. Child Eczema is a common skin disease of children.
12. Acne is a chronic and phlogistic skin disease of hair follicle and sebaceous gland, related to endocrinic function of sex gland.
13. The third parasite, Leishmania major, causes severe skin disease that can leave infected people heavily scarred.
14. Objective PRP is a kind of skin disease papule and scale.
15. Boil or furuncle is a skin disease caused by th.
16. This new medicine will cure him of his skin disease.
17. Aloe also is used at treating the skin disease such as acne, prickly heat,( disease.html) tinea.
18. Professor Li Yongcheng 's treatment of skin disease is obviously individually , and its effect is affirmatively.
19. She's got me by the jeans - the hand's scabby - she's got some skin disease.
20. " This is 4 days before it was not happening, then people "vomiting, blurred vision, especially in children who contracted the skin disease chloracne", a few weeks where everyone evacuated.
21. Noni leaf has been used for treatment of gingivitis, periodontal diseases, laryngalgia, laryngitis, cold, headaches, rheumatic arthritis, fracture, sprain, skin disease, and so on.
22. He said two of them are suffering from a skin disease known as leishmaniasis, which they contracted during captivity.
23. Male-pattern Alopecia (MPA) is a gradualness alopecia of calvaria, temporal and forehead, is liable to occur male between 20 to 40, it is a common skin disease in clinic, has high incidence.
24. Psoriasis is a chronic T-lymphocyte mediated inflammatory and proliferous skin disease, and its treatment is still a puzzled problem.
25. Acute urticaria, also known as urticaria, is a common allergic skin disease.
26. May the house of Joab never cease to have someone with a running sore or a skin disease or one who works at the spindle or one who falls by the sword or one who lacks food!
27. Tinea is by fungus ( namely mould ) the skin disease that cause.
28. Psoriasis is a kind of common, chronic and recurrent skin disease. Retinoid has been successfully used in antipsoriatic therapy.
29. Active aloe glue may be used widely in treating wound, burn and scald, bacterial skin disease, mycotic skin disease, leukoderma, eczema, scall and other intractable skin disease.
30. There have never been Scrapie, Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, African horse sickness, African swine fever, Vesicular stomatitis, Lumpy skin disease and Rift Valley fever in China.
More similar words: diseaseeye diseasedispleasedmerchandiseindistinctindisputablyindispensableindiscriminateindiscriminatelydyskinesiaseasoneasein seasonseasonalteaseleaseceasekindseasoningat easeweaselpleasepleaseddeceasereleaseincreaseappeasekind ofkindlereleased
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