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Quadtree in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2021-05-24Updated:2021-05-24
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(1) After the original image is maked to quadtree fractal coding, we embed watermarking into it by range blocks searching its most-matched domain blocks in different search regions.
(2) QR-Tree index combines the advantage of Quadtree and R-Tree, not only serves the need of high storing efficiency, but also avoid of many invalidation query, in order to achieve good query capability.
(3) The data structure of linear quadtree coding for two - dimension graphic data is presented.
(4) This paper proposes a watermarking algorithm based on quadtree fractal coding, which is to search for the optimized matched domain blocks in different regions and to embed the watermarking.
(5) Using this quadtree, we can encode height data at different resolutions in different regions in the terrain.
(6) A digital image watermarking algorithm based on quadtree and error correcting code is proposed.
(7) We use quadtree in the LOD model, the key is how to delaminate quadtree for intrinsic grid topographic data base.
(8) Among them, quadtree decomposition is a simple technique for image representation at different resolution levels that adapts spatially , allocating more bits to those complicated areas in the image.
(9) An algorithm is presented for converting the linear quadtree representation of a simply connected region into a 4-direction chain code description of the region's boundary.
(10) The algorithm uses a self-adaptive quadtree structure to determine the visible area of the terrain mesh to reduce data processing during rendering.
(11) A method is presented for converting the array representation of a binary image into the linear quadtree description.
(12) In this model, a new rule for evaluating view dependent dynamic error is adopted and the method of repairing the cracks intrinsically caused by quadtree data structure is also improved.
(13) Based on the spherical icosahedron case of Equal Angle Ratio Projections (EARP), a new Spherical Triangle regional Quadtree (EARPIH) is constructed.
(14) Show the realization of two image compression algorithms: fractal code base on isosceles right triangle and fractal code base on Quadtree.
(15) A new DCT coding method based on edge information measure and adaptive quadtree segmentation was proposed to enhance compression ratio of DCT coding and transmission efficiency.
(16) The results of this paper are of great significance to the AUV s autonomous navigation and application of data structure of quadtree and octree.
(17) To represent dynamic multiresolution terrain in real time, two sorts of models suitable for current stage are proposed, the adaptive quadtree model and the implied quadtree model.
(18) Then the object region on the rotated image is extracted and hierarchically partitioned into a quadtree of multilevel sub-blocks.
(19) Exploiting the frame coherence, we construct the texture data as quadtree, and integrated with geometry quadtree, which handle the problem of large texture in real-time.
(20) This article introduces a digital watermarking technology based on adaptive quadtree fractal coding.
(21) In this paper, the multi resolution representations of terrain model are introduced and a quadtree based multi resolution terrain model is proposed.
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