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Proclivity in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-02-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: leaningpropensitySimilar words: productivityproclaimproclaimedactivityobjectivitysensitivitycollectivityreciprocityMeaning: [prəʊ'klɪvətɪ /prə-]  n. a natural inclination. 
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1. The child showed no proclivity towards aggression.
2. I have always felt a proclivity for Kilburn.
3. This proclivity hinders their ability to respond effectively to challenges.
4. It is those who had no proclivity towards will making about whom we most wish to know.
5. In some places the proclivity to riot was especially marked.
5. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
6. He has a proclivity toward violence.
7. But there is a tone to proclivity too.
8. He has a proclivity for exaggeration.
9. Now there was added a proclivity to emulate the scale of French colonial rule.
10. In the case of "proclivity" it might run something along the lines of "an inclination or predisposition toward something."
11. He has a proclivity to [ toward ] violence .
12. "There's not much of a proclivity to invest right now, is how I see it, " he said.
13. So even if the dictionary tells you that proclivity means a predisposition, it doesn't tell you that most people use proclivity when talking with light disapproval...or is that winking approval?
14. Interest, a psychologic proclivity with consciousness trait, also serves as a numen for young children to acquire extraneous information and to explore the veiled things in the world.
15. I don't have access to the Oxford English Corpus so I don't know exactly what it would make of "proclivity" but here's what I did.
16. Doing this type of analysis, Mr. Gilbert of Proclivity believes, would stop retailers from sending out buying recommendations based on outdated information.
17. The great Asian proclivity for thinking in terms of the long arc of history is absent in North Korea, the only country in east Asia whose leaders have no strategic vision for the long term.
18. The etymology of the word proclivity is ironically appropriate for this flavor of usage.
19. The reciprocity is asymmetrical and in consequence it has a proclivity for extending outwards into a network.
20. But old habits die hard, and Apple has shown a proclivity to chase market share while hand-wringing over shrinking gross margins.
21. To exercise the ferret: to have sex. An unromantic male expression equating the penis with the aggressive, hyperactive animal and its well-known proclivity for wriggling into crevices and tunnels.
22. Henry Paulson: A big part of the imbalances, in my view, stems from our proclivity here in the United States not to save – as a nation and as individuals, and to borrow too much.
23. Although Franklin chose not to patent these inventions, his many other entrepreneurial activities amply demonstrate his proclivity for making money!
24. Pakistan rejects these baseless and irresponsible allegations and the attitude and proclivity behind them.
25. This makes it even more dangerous that people have a proclivity to choose grad school because we naturally look for a default in the face of confusion.
26. A study from researchers at business schools at Northwestern and the University of Chicago concludes that testosterone levels play a big role in a person's proclivity to take financial risks.
27. I was listening to the radio where they were talking about a natural history exhibit on the mating habits of wild animals. The word proclivity came up in the conversation more than once.
28. A barrier of cultural differences between American and Islamic societies blocks the American soldier's proclivity to connect with alien societies.
29. Intriguingly, she found that the students with the rightward bias also tended to score higher on a measure of novelty seeking - a proclivity to look for thrills and new rewarding experiences.
30. Jack is known for combining several items into a single form and the Custom Lounge Chair is great illustration of his proclivity for this.
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