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Precursor in a sentence

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Synonym: forerunnerharbingerheraldSimilar words: cursorrecurrecurrentsecuresinecuresecurityrecuseexcursionMeaning: [‚prɪ'kɜrsə(r) /-'kɜːs-]  n. 1. a substance from which another substance is formed (especially by a metabolic reaction) 2. a person who goes before or announces the coming of another 3. an indication of the approach of something or someone. 
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(1) Sulphur dioxide is the main precursor of acid rain.
(2) Thefirst telephone was the precursor of modern communications networks.
(3) Error is often the precursor of what is correct, but conceit is the prelude to a fall.
(4) Biological research has often been a precursor to medical breakthroughs which benefit patients.
(5) A code could serve as a precursor.
(6) Its overthrow was a necessary precursor of, and possibly stimulus to, the theories Charles Darwin was developing a century later.
(7) The abacus was the precursor of the modern electronic calculator.
(8) How do electrically active axons signal oligodendrocyte precursor cells to divide?
(9) Linoleic acid is a precursor of prostaglandin synthesis from arachidonic acid.
(10) The Office of Strategic Services was the precursor of the CIA.
(11) Sometimes that inner frustration is an important precursor for change.
(12) Human nature often requires conflict as a precursor to truth.
(13) Although oligodendrocytes themselves normally do not divide, the precursor cells that give rise to them do.
(14) So, molecular fragments, formed by irradiating a precursor, would instantly recombine.
(15) He invented a precursor of the high-speed continuous extrusion freezer which could cut novelties out of slabs of vanilla ice cream.
(16) The play is also an excellent precursor for Romantic drama.
(17) We repeated the experiments with a precursor for protein and found that an increase in protein synthesis occurred also.
(18) Basic education remains a necessary precursor to behavior change, especially for the young and those just becoming sexually active.
(19) Nars' silver lipstick, 2001(, is a precursor of a holiday fashion season that promises the Midas touch.
(20) He said that the deal should not be seen as a precursor to a merger.
(21) Seismologists throughout the world have searched for such a precursor for more than 100 years but their attempts have failed.
(22) In the other two mechanisms, buckminsterfullerene is formed by a combination of specific precursor carbon clusters.
(23) In the case of estriol, the placenta utilizes a dehydroepiandrosterone precursor made in the adrenal glands of the fetus.
(24) This assumes that the plasma free amino acid pool is representative of the precursor for pancreatic enzyme synthesis.
(25) Our 1977 conference in Edinburgh had been as fruitless, in terms of its actual agenda, as its precursor at Dilizhan.
(26) This may represent either increased synthesis of the type 1 chain precursor or activation of the Le and Se genes.
(27) This is the first treatment designed to specifically target insulin resistance, which is a precursor to diabetes.
(28) The fall of Risinghill in 1965 was as much a precursor of change as was William Tyndale in 1976.
(29) A range of genetic alterations have recently been described in colorectal cancer and its benign precursor, the large bowel adenoma.
(30) BOne of them is that sound economic management is a precursor, a necessary precondition for, poverty alleviation and growth.
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