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Pout in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-03-13Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: fretfrownmopescowlsulkSimilar words: pourspoutpoundvapourpop outoutpourspousedrop outMeaning: [paʊt]  n. 1. a disdainful grimace 2. marine eellike mostly bottom-dwelling fishes of northern seas 3. catfish common in eastern United States. v. 1. be in a huff and display one's displeasure 2. make a sad face and thrust out one's lower lip. 
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1 She shot me a reproachful pout.
2 They mince and prim and pout.
3 Her lips were set in a pout of annoyance.
4 Amelia seemed to pout,( playing with a salt shaker.
5 Charlie Filetti sat in a quiet pout.
6 Pout, whiting, dabs and odd dogfish made up bags.
7 Implacable, with arms folded, and a mulish pout.
8 Peeler also works for pout, eels and the big cod.
9 Her lips pout around the filter and her cheeks collapse in as she draws deeply.
10 Dover Breakwater offered flounder, dabs and small pout with the inside wall best.
11 So tennis fans can, for the moment, pout away their railway timetables.
12 Hythe Range to Redoubt Wall for dabs, pout and rockling.
13 Bournemouth beaches produced odd flounder at night with pout, rockling and flatfish at Friars Cliff.
14 Loulse at the wheel still had her pout on, but he was grinning like a golfing fool.
15 Chesil Beach gave dabs, pout and small whiting during daylight with odd dogfish at night.
16 Her mouth held its usual pout.
17 Tip me up and pout me out.
18 She looked at her lover with a pretentious pout.
19 The combination of Chinook and ocean pout genes allow the AquAdvantage salmon to produce growth hormone all year round, so it grows incredibly quickly.
20 And with her gap-toothed pout staring seductively at the camera, there's no mistaking the looks inherited from father Sir Mick and supermodel mother Jerry Hall.
21 She didn't say anything but I could tell from her pout that she wasn't very pleased.
22 Jan raised her hand to Darren, and he collapsed in the chair with a pout like Marilyn Monroe.
23 Boats heading out past the Needles found just odd cod along with a few whiting, rays, pout and dogfish.
24 Poole boat anglers found the going tough with just odd pout, dogfish, whiting and occasional cod.
25 She queued by the weighing counter now with a pout of arrogance.
26 Scores of movie producers, co-stars and fans go gaga over the pretty-baby pout of Sridevi.
27 Sandbars at Hurst Castle provided limited action during night sessions with small dabs, flounder and pout.
28 Cases like these should be distinguished from a superficially parallel set of cases such as shrug the shoulders and pout the lips.
29 Having cast off her blazer, she sat there, Lolita-like, practised pout in place, effectively daring him to manhandle her off his knees.
30 Before an instruction is executed, it is first retrieved from main memory and pout a register.
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