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Polymeric in a sentence

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Sentence count:90Posted:2020-07-27Updated:2020-07-27
Similar words: polymerizepolymerizationpolymerisationdepolymerizationpolymercopolymerbiopolymerpolymeraseMeaning: [‚pɒlɪ'merɪk]  adj. of or relating to or consisting of a polymer. 
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1 Many silicate minerals also have polymeric chain structures.
2 The results suggest that polymeric diets are as safe and effective as steroids in inducing short term remission.
3 The potential applications of the polymeric vesicles in some fields, such as micro-circumstance, the release of drug, gene engineering and biomineralization were introduced.
4 The develop progress of inorganic polymeric coagulant in recent years were reviewed.
5 Polymeric dispersant can also form a microemulsion system and nano - sized particles then synthesized.
6 Polymeric micelle has its own unique advantages with respect to drug delivery.
7 Novel polymeric adsorbents containing amino-group and hydroxyl-group with high adsorption capacity for bilirubin were synthesized.
8 The synthetic polymeric flocculant is an important additive for the red mud separation process in a- lumina production.
9 A kind of polymeric fatliquor PCF was synthesized via free copolymerization from amided colza oil succinate,[] acrylic acid and vinyl acetate.
10 A method for inhibiting the formation of polymeric based fouling deposits normally formed during the caustic washing to hydrocarbons is disclosed.
11 Polymeric surfactant CMC-A9, which has high molecular weight and excellent surface activity, was used together with SDS in ultrasonically irradiated emulsion polymerization of styrene.
12 The utility model discloses abristle made of polymeric materials, in particular a sharp - nosed brush bristle.
13 The existence of a large active complex involved polymeric matrix was revealed by UV-visible spectra.
14 Abstract: Polyphosphazenes are inorganic polymeric functional materialsthat have unique characterization.
15 In an alternate embodiment, the polymeric inserts may be removed from the sweatband.
16 Semi-processed polymeric articles, impregnated with a flammable gas or liquid as a blowing agent; may evolve small quantities of flammable gas.
17 Once injected into an aqueous environment, the polymeric mixture solidified into a solid implant due to the leaching of NMP.
18 Some new photosensitive polymeric holographic recording material are reviewed in this paper.
19 This review deals with various polymeric superacid catalysts. Their classifications, preparations, structures and applications in petroleum chemistry and organic synthesis are discussed.
20 Four prospective randomised trials have investigated the role of polymeric formulas in Crohn's disease.
21 However, because of the two dithiadiazole functionalities at either end of the molecule, the solid state structure is polymeric rather than dimeric.
22 In order to reveal the detail structure of the polymeric materials, the selective etching treatment of the materials is necessary.
23 Mechanisms to enhance FCC light oil yield and to lower the coke yield(i. e. strengthening FCC process) by adding polymeric active additives in the feedstock were introduced.
24 Our portfolio comprises Montan wax based products, polyolefin and polymeric based waxes, as well as amide waxes and their micronized grades.
25 The pressure-sensitive dilatant materials, such as rock, soil, foam metal, polymeric material, rubber and so on, are the most widely applied materials in nature.
26 The radical co-polymerization of maleic anhydride and itaconic acid obtained polymeric polycarboxylic acids.
27 On the rigid surfaces of non - ferrous metal as finish , concrete, asbestos-cement board, plank, polymeric ester etc.
28 Shape retention is a factor in almost all articles made from polymeric materials.
29 In this article, a new technology for the synthesis of polymeric aluminum chloride has been presented.
30 Design of cars and development of materials for recyclability ; processing and markets for metallic and polymeric scrap.
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