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Perfect competition in a sentence

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1 The need to relax the assumptions of perfect competition, and that the economy has attained equilibrium, is apparent.
2 The great claim made for perfect competition is that it leads to efficiency.
3 What happens under perfect competition to the after-tax distribution of income may therefore be ambiguous.
4 The fact that there are fixed costs means perfect competition is an unattainable ideal framework for retailing.
5 Hence with our present framework perfect competition does not necessarily imply an efficient set of firms.
6 Perfect Competition and Monopoly emphasize the roles of average cost and marginal cost curves.
7 Perfect competition is defined by the economist as a technical term.
8 The most serious deviation from the perfect competition comes from monopoly elements.
9 The model can simulate the perfect competition and an oligopoly carbon market.
10 Graddy discovered that even at Fulton,[] perfect competition was elusive.
11 In perfect competition, the market supply curve is determined by marginal cost.
12 Perfect Competition Also called "pure competition, " a market condition where no buyer or seller has the economic power to alter or fix the price of a product or service.
13 The price mechanism must be working to provide perfect competition.
14 This paper analyzes the characteristics of perfect competition market and imperfect competition market(, and establishes a free allocation model in both markets separately.
15 Integrating transport costs into a general equilibrium trade model is a messy affair even with constant returns and perfect competition.
16 The obvious example is agriculture, usually employed as an illustration in chapters on perfect competition in introductory texts.
17 The reason for this is probably that it implies oligopolies that behave in a way intermediate between perfect competition and monopoly.
18 Still central to much of contemporary price theory is the model of perfect competition.
19 How do the conclusions need to be modified when there are departures from the assumptions of perfect competition?
20 While learning this, the novice student also learns that perfect competition does not exist.
21 Therefore, there is a need to analyze tax burden under differentiated tax rate under three market conditions, namely perfect competition, monopoly and oligopoly.
22 Since the end of 80's in 20 centuries, the theoretical analyses of economic integration have already expanded from traditional perfect competition model to imperfect competition model.
23 Two extremes are monopsony i . e . the perfect competition.
24 Imperfect competition refers to those market structures that fall between perfect competition and pure monopoly.
25 The Comparative Advantage Theory of David Ricardo is constructed on a series of assumptions including perfect competition and constant returns to scale.
26 The crowning achievement of the axiomatic approach is the theory of perfect competition.
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