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Molybdate in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2023-02-28Updated:2023-02-28
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1. Moluranite is a mineral of uranyl molybdate group.
2. Ammonium Molybdate is also called Ammonium Tetramolybdate ( ATM ) according to the formula.
3. Crystalline sodium molybdate with high purity and solubility suitable for end uses.
4. In this article, the synergistic effect of sodium molybdate with urotropinum, triethanolamine, BTA and sodium hydrogen phosphate are evaluated by method of polarization curve.
5. Sintered gas sensors made from bismuth molybdate doped with cobalt have a high sensitivity and selectivity to reducing gases such as ethanol. And insensitivity to butane and carbon monoxide.
6. Silica-supported bismuth molybdate catalysts were prepared by impregnation in a highly dispersed state and by coprecipitation in a largely crystallized state.
7. The bismuth molybdate is loaded on the zeolite molecular sieve, thus improving the stability of the bismuth molybdate nano particles.
8. The phosphorus content of phytin was determination in molybdate -antimony-scandium color agent after it was digested by concentrated sulfuric acid and perchlorate, with its deviation of no over 5%.
9. The influence of ammonium molybdate, cobalt sulphate, ammonium bifluoride, acidity of blackening bath, blackening bath temperature and time on film quality were studied.
10. The molybdate and manganate conversion coatings for aluminum and LY12 aluminum alloy were investigated using weight loss and electrochemical methods.
11. Stoichiometric bismuth molybdate thin films have been prepared on silicon (100) substrate by chemical solution processing.
12. Bismuth molybdate gas sensor materials doped with cobalt and nickel were prepared respectively.
13. The substitutional solid solution formed by cobalt and bismuth molybdate will improve the conductivity and sensitivity of this gas sensor to reducing gases.
14. With an aiminresolving the problem smoking of polymers on burning, a complex smoke suppressor consisting of ammonium molybdate and molybdic oxide has been prepared,( using zeolite as the carrier.
15. First, it has been studied for the process conditions and dynamics performance of leaching calcium molybdate with sodium solution.
16. The determination method of molybdenum and sodium carbonate content in sodium molybdate was proposed.
17. The concentration of uptake phosphate was equal to the concentration value measured by ammonium molybdate spectrophotometric method after subtracted from dissoluble total phosphate.
18. The poor acrolein selectivity of this catalyst was improved by continuous use in the catalytic oxidation for making the particle size of the dispersed bismuth molybdate larger.
19. The experimental process for recovery molybdenum and ammonium chloride from mother liquors of ammonium molybdate and ammonia leaching molybdic acid using HT adsorbents is presented.
20. Objective:To develop a method through modification to make the pyrogallol red molybdate complex (PRM) applicable to automated analyses for micro amount of proteins in body fluids.
21. Molybdic acid aggregates were prepared by the reaction of ammonium molybdate with HNO_3 and HCl in a coexisting HAc or cetyl-trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) solution, respectively.
22. A precise Simple and rapidly differential—Spetrophotometric method for molybdenum determination in ammonia molybdate and molybdic oxide has been deveploed.
23. Phosphorus content in zinc phosphate is determined by phosphorus vanadium molybdate yellow colorimetric method.
24. Based on the optical activity of the complex formed by mannitol and ammonium molybdate, the mannitolum level in the gastrointestinal dialysis salt was determined with polarimetry.
25. In the system of sulfuric acid phenylglycollic acid cinchonine potassium chlorate, micro amount of tungsten in ammonium molybdate products has been determined by catalytic polarography.
26. The preparation method prepares the potassium trimolybdate trihydrate nanowires through the reaction of hexaammonium molybdate tetrahydrate and potassium ions in water.
27. A new anti-tarnish agent has been screened out, based on phytic acid, sodium benzoate, sodium molybdate and EDTA by means of orthogonal analysis and conditional experiments.
28. A new method was studied for determination of barium molybdate by 8 - hydroxyquinoline gravimetric method.
29. A series of metal phthalocyanines was synthesized using phthalic anhydride, urea, metallic salt and ammonium molybdate as raw materials in the absence of a solvent.
30. The influence of Ce on the selective oxidation of propylene catalyzed by bismuth molybdate was studied.
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