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Mechanical energy in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: mechanicalchemical energyelectrical energymechanicgeothermal energymechanismenergysolar energyMeaning: n. energy in a mechanical form. 
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1. A dynamo transforms mechanical energy into electricity.
2. A generator transforms mechanical energy into electricity.
3. Every bit of mechanical energy expended reappears as heat.
4. Mechanical energy can be lost or gained.
5. Notice that not all mechanical energy is kinetic energy.
6. An electric motor turns electrical energy into mechanical energy.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. The mechanical energy can be changed back into electrical energy by means of a dynamotor.
8. This wind generator can turn wind energy into mechanical energy.
9. Neglecting friction and air resistance, the pendulum's mechanical energy is constant.
10. When bent, a piezoelectric material turns that mechanical energy into electricity.
11. Under these conditions, the total mechanical energy remains constant, or is conserved.
12. The results show that the loss of mechanical energy, the loss angle and the accumulation of the large elastic strain energy can be used to evaluate covering properties of carpets.
13. It was a sort of do with mechanical energy translate hydraulic energy ' energy conversion device.
14. The thermal energy can not change into mechanical energy completely but.
15. The mechanical energy of a damped, oscillator decreases exponentially with time. 2.
16. When the friction force acts alone, the total mechanical energy is not conserved.
17. In contrast to an electrical KERS, the mechanical energy doesn’t change state and is therefore more efficient.
18. This occurs as the result of toxins that form as mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.
19. The accumulation of capital, and hence the ownership of capital, was central in harnessing the productive power of mechanical energy.
20. Together with differential rotation, this causes a large amount of mechanical energy and magnetic flux to pass through the surface.
21. Biologists have ascertained that specialized cells convert chemical energy into mechanical energy.
22. During the flow we manage to change some of the heat into mechanical energy.
23. In the special case in which W'is zero, the mechanical energy remains constant or is conserved.
24. In the internal-combustion engine of a car, an electric spark explodes gasses in the cylinder; the heat energy moves the pistons, becoming mechanical energy to move the car.
25. A 23-foot-long steel rotor shaft and two roller bearings transfer the mechanical energy to the generator.
26. The electrostatic system with terminal equipments is one of energy converters that can change electrical energy into mechanical energy.
27. The piezoelectric effect manifests itself as a transfer of electric to mechanical energy and vice - versa.
28. Motors have electrical energy supplied to their windings and a magnetic field that develops an electromagnetic interaction to produce mechanical energy or torque.
29. The recurve bow system in fact is a switch for transforming one person's biology energy to archery's mechanical energy.
30. The thermal energy stored in the mixed vapours is intended to be converted to mechanical energy in a thermal power machine, in order to operate an electrical generator.
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