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Magnetic force in a sentence

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Similar words: magnetic fieldmagneticdiamagneticparamagneticmagnetic polemagnetic polesferromagneticmagnetic domainMeaning: n. attraction for iron; associated with electric currents as well as magnets; characterized by fields of force. 
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1. The iron has lost its magnetic force.
2. The electrically charged gas particles are affected by magnetic forces.
3. Believing in your Dreams is a powerful magnetic force!
4. Internal injuries are detected through magnetic forces which are then relayed on to computer screens.
5. Electropermanent lift magnet is a new type of magnetic force device.
6. The magnetic force caused by the electric current reacts the indicating needle to move.
7. Everything is held down to the earth by magnetic force.
8. The magnetic force will be stronger if we put an iron nail into the coil.
9. The infrared ray warms up the magnetic force treatment, ameliorative blood circulation, instauration physical strength.
10. This paper put forward the moment of magnetic force acted on current-carrying coil in even magnetic fied is revolving of regular axle and the method of determined the place of revolving axle.
11. The author discusses some practical problems, such as magnetic force, matrix matching, selectivity, lower size limit, magnetic separator and matrix blinding.
12. Switch on by permanent magnetic force. Coils will not get burnt.
13. Maybe it is these that enable them to feel within their bodies the contours of the earth's magnetic forces.
14. What had happened was that the passage of electrical current created huge magnetic forces which constricted the tube.
15. They sear across the ice, moving in unison as if some magnetic force holds them together.
16. He felt as if he were pressing against a strong, polarised magnetic force.
17. Neutral atoms enter this cloud rather than Io's torus because they are not influenced by magnetic forces whereas charged particles are.
18. The formulae of magnetic moment of a space coil and moment of magnetic force acted on a coil in a uniform magnetic field are presented.
19. We study two areas of the electro - machining: the magnetic force electrolysis polishing and the dry - type WEDM.
20. The invention discloses a novel magnetic driving device that can produce a rotating magnetic field and provide power to an artificial blood pump driven by magnetic force.
21. It is significance that research consequences to improve metal belt drive with magnetic force dynamic character and to prevent generating sympathetic vibration of system.
22. Whenever an electric current flows through a conductor a magnetic force is developed around the conductor.
23. Magnetic domains of the TbFe films with different deposition angles were studied by magnetic force microscopy.
24. Using vector algebra and vector field theory, we calculated the total moment of magnetic force acted on a coil carrying current in uniform magnetic field.
25. The article introduces the usages of PLC programmable logic controller in a magnetic force starter, methods of drawing trapezium plots, here wire connecting methods.
25. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
26. The rotor's rotating angle is determined by a balanced condition of magnetic force (generated by current flow regulated by means of the ECM) and tension of return spring (installed to rotor).
27. The method to match the edge stiffness factor for the magnetic force factor is introduced to reduce distortion.
28. The air gas adjusting rod is equipped in particular which can adjust the magnetic force conveniently.
29. This paper introduces the application of Amperes molecular current hypothesis in magnetic force doing work on current-carrying coil and in the geometrically explain Stockers formula.
30. Objective:To study the effect of TiN film obtained by ion beam assisted deposition(IBAD) technology on magnetic force of FeCrMo soft magnetic alloy.
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