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In so far as in a sentence

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Sentence count:93Posted:2016-07-18Updated:2020-07-24
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(1) Man has rights only in so far as they are a correlative of duty.
(2) That's the truth, in so far as I know it.
(3) In so far as you are a student, you are free to use the library.
(4) This is the truth in so far as I know it.
(5) The first is that in so far as people continue to believe the figures, the Government derives an unfair advantage.
(6) Karpov, who is still loyal to the regime, in so far as there is one, is 39.
(7) They rarely study natural events, and only in so far as they impinge on the human world.
(8) The former, in so far as he considers explanations at all, inclines to those that stress the purely mechanical relations between events.
(9) Subdivision is carried out only in so far as it is profitable; too much splitting would cause more problems than it would avoid.
(10) If they can not(, councillors develop policy only in so far as the bureaucracy permits.
(11) But this was only innovative in so far as classical ballet was concerned as there are many 5/4 Slav folk dances.
(12) In so far as socialism means the collective ownership and management of the economy and social relations, it requires an extensive administrative apparatus.
(13) Except in so far as they publicized opinion poll findings, television projections of party credibility did not dictate public perceptions.
(14) Yet, in so far as it constituted his baptism as a politician, it is crucial to an understanding of his political career.
(15) He was correct in so far as our forebears were piteously shattered but quite wrong in thinking that they could be subjugated.
(16) In so far as she possibly can, she lets this great dull store of words speak for themselves, without addition to their number.
(17) The price is not important except in so far as it determines the number of units to be created after subscriptions have been received.
(18) These subjects slept like short sleepers in so far as sleep efficiency was improved, and deep slow wave sleep was maintained at baseline levels.
(19) Without doubt Bukharin was correct in the above, in so far as there was and is such a tendency at work within capitalism.
(20) But Geneva rules will apply, except in so far as fire and brimstone will be permitted on a strictly controlled basis.
(21) In so far as Jupiter survived he was the personification of Providence or Destiny.
(22) Nevertheless, in so far as changes in interest rates affect expectations, lower interest rates may still contribute to higher investment.
(23) In so far as material conditions were more unpleasant, so human beings were more unpleasant.
(24) By the early seventeenth century, therefore, foreign offices, in so far as they existed, were still for the most part embryonic.
(25) The research suggests that the drug will be successful, in so far as one can draw conclusions from such a small sample size.
(26) Moreover, the Left has tended to turn away from applause for insurrection - at least in so far as prospects for change in Britain are concerned.
(27) The nominal value is meaningless and may be misleading, except in so far as it determines the minimum liability.
(28) The immediate prospects are not promising for the child, at least in so far as primary schools are concerned.
(29) A doctrine of creation could give coherence to scientific endeavor in so far as it implied a dependable order behind the flux of nature.
(30) Genetics and biology have little to tell us that is relevant, except in so far as these sciences throw light on human nature in general.
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