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Half-baked in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-03-07Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: baked potatobakehalfin halfbehalfhalfwayon behalf ofnakedMeaning: adj. 1. foolish; totally unsound 2. insufficiently cooked. 
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1 Don't listen to his half-baked ideas.
2 This is another half-baked scheme that isn't going to work.
3 The government has set up some half-baked scheme for training teachers on the job.
4 He's always coming out with these half-baked ideas which will never work.
5 What we've got here is a half-baked proposal that still needs a great deal of work.
6 There are more cranes than half-baked themes done to excess.
7 Much of the real figure is concealed by half-baked schemes concocted by his Department, which do not reveal the real position.
8 Youth culture has impregnated generation upon generation with half-baked alternatives.
9 Fortune accused Forbes of being rich, half-baked, ego-driven, altogether too ready to please his advertisers.
10 He must make the switch from half-baked seducer to ruthless interrogator as brutally as possible.
11 Even if his history is half-baked, there is nothing amateurish about Mr Severin's voyage.
12 Both Hayman's suggestions were too loose and half-baked for a man of his devious cunning to consider seriously for a moment.
13 Don't accept mealy-mouthed half-baked editorial mush that says otherwise.
14 but his domestic reforms are half-baked.
15 When tons of half-baked startups out there have a million-dollar bank roll, they're going to be looking pretty sharp when shopping for talent.
16 Bill, I'm sorry but this sales plan looks half-baked to me. There are some good ideas here, but I want you to take it back and do some more work on it.
17 Bill, I'm sorry but this sales plan looks half-baked to me.
18 Second, what if you're not done with your document, and it's in a "half-baked" state that you don't want anyone else taking a peek at?
19 He says the DPJ will oppose the stimulus package, which he describes as "half-baked", favouring the LDP's traditional interests over the elderly and the weak.
20 For certain technologies, notably strategic defence against nuclear weapons, researching makes more sense than deploying a half-baked system.
21 What they are now doing is compromising, in this half-baked manner(, by raising the ante to 70.
22 Here is the social democrat refusing to condemn the absurdities he chronicles so well; or simply producing half-baked observations.
23 The question is whether, having raised the issue, green consumerism then legitimises a half-baked response.
24 Like other Thatcherite creations, the Enterprise Allowance Scheme is chock-a-block with buzzwords whose connection with reality is, at best, half-baked.
25 Somehow you give people the impression that whatever you do is half-baked.
26 I didn't want to make things worse by coming up with half-baked notions.
27 On the body of Miao Si goddess that gives in each in file is white snow spins cloth piece,[] expose painstakingly outer sutural and patch pocket and look be like half-baked clipping and edition model.
28 Only in this case, the mason jar becomes an idea jar, a place to store all your flashes of insight, potential projects, and half-baked schemes.
29 A: But according to the checker's report the packaging is half-baked, therefore, you should be responsible for the damage.
30 Each time European policymakers reacted similarly: with denial and dithering, followed at the eleventh hour with a half-baked rescue plan to buy time.
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