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Haggard in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2016-10-18Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: deathlikeexhaustedleanpalepoorseedythinwild-eyedworriedSimilar words: shaggyregardgardenregardingas regardsavant-garderegardlessin regard toMeaning: ['hægə(r)d]  n. British writer noted for romantic adventure novels (1856-1925). adj. 1. showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering 2. very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold. 
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1. Sam looked tired and haggard.
2. He looked pale and haggard.
3. He was pale and a bit haggard.
4. She was looking very haggard and worn.
5. She looked haggard after a sleepless night.
6. I recognized those haggard lineaments, those eroded temples.
7. He barely recognized her wizened face and haggard features.
8. Thelma, haggard and overly lipsticked, gave me a refill.
9. He looked haggard, he'd lost weight.
10. The face he saw was tired and haggard.
11. A night without sleep found him red-eyed and haggard.
12. How haggard and bereft of hope they looked!
13. She looked very pale and drawn, almost haggard.
14. Quaid plays Frank as an obsessed man, haggard with the burden of his job and with personal worries.
15. He looked haggard and could no longer go through a full day of work without showing fatigue.
16. Her face was haggard, her eyes red, her clothes hung loosely about her.
17. The jurors looked haggard on their tenth day of deliberations.
18. As she got older she got haggard.
19. He'd been drinking the night before and was looking a bit haggard.
20. I couldn't stick it up at the back or I'd look aged, haggard, forty years old.
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21. Even re-recorded, the disc was ignored by radio types who had long stopped programming Merle Haggard and George Jones.
22. He had aged: his hair was touched with grey, and his face was haggard.
23. Benjamin walked back to get him, his old face looking more haggard and careworn than usual.
24. Chrissie sat down on the bare floorboards, and watched the haggard features of the man she loved.
25. But while Strait and McEntire continue to endure on the charts, Haggard and Jones are most effective selling concert tickets.
26. Rosemary later confessed to Leith that seeing Travis looking so haggard had really got to her.
27. As a very young child he witnessed scenes which equalled anything from the imagination of Rider Haggard.
28. His face has commenced to take on that same haggard, puzzled look of pressure that the face on the floor has.
29. The McCloskey who turned up in San Francisco seemed in pretty good shape, somewhat haggard but calm and centered.
30. Very few of us like to see pictures of ourselves looking tired, haggard or undignified, or with teeth missing.
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