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Shear in a sentence

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Synonym: clipcropcut offSimilar words: hearheardhearthear ofhearsayhearseat heartby heartMeaning: [ʃɪr /ʃɪə]  n. 1. (physics) a deformation of an object in which parallel planes remain parallel but are shifted in a direction parallel to themselves 2. a large edge tool that cuts sheet metal by passing a blade through it. v. 1. cut with shears 2. shear the wool from 3. cut or cut through with shears. 
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1 The farmer taught her how to shear sheep.
2 The family is a constant shear flows, flow of mind wandering forever; love is like a hill endless sand, precipitation is the long-term accumulation of care; family like the night sky the Beidou, guided the lost lamb is the direction to go home.
3 In the Hebrides they shear their sheep later than anywhere else.
4 Clumsy on land Manx shear waters may be, but they are elegant fliers and first-class navigators.
5 Do not top or shear the plant; instead, remove whole branches that are dead or rubbing against others.
6 We shall see later that in simple shear a rigid body rotation is involved as well as a displacement.
7 We also had to shear and dip them every year and friends would come to help.
8 A perfect gas can sustain no shear forces so that the above bulk modulus is the only relevant one.
9 The shear properties of polymers, however, are primarily determined by the wriggling,[] bending and twisting of the chains.
10 Mow alfalfa and bundle it in bales, shear sheep, bust broncos.
11 Similarly, in the rubbery state the shear modulus of all polymers depends primarily upon the density of cross-links.
12 The mechanism of induced anisotropy, dilatancy, shear softening and cyclic mobility was discussed from the viewpoint of micro-mechanism.
13 The double shear specimen was designed for the study of the creep behavior of nickel base single crystal superalloys at high temperature.
14 The shear strenth is equal to the cohesion of substance.
15 These methods are: diagonal braces, shear walls, and joint rigidity ( frames ).
16 The shear strain can be determined in the following way.
17 The shear probe is a basic and essential tool for measurements of ocean turbulence and it is generally mounted with a piezoelectric crystal as a sensor.
18 This means it avoids rotational forces on its brain, which tend to shear neuronal connections and cause concussion.
19 The planking and the underlying ribs thus formed a rectangular trellis with no diagonal bracing or shear members.
20 If this is high the layers deform quasi-uniformly though with high shear stresses at the interfaces.
21 One can readily see how a correlation of this kind can arise in a mean shear flow.
22 Conventional shellac records were very brittle; only a few ounces of shear stress would crack them in half.
23 Negative Richardson number corresponds to a destabilizing density gradient; both shear and buoyancy give rise to turbulence generation.
24 Aerospace; rivet design values, static load, for flush head rivet joints, single shear, dimpled, rivet material 2.4360, metric series.
25 The connection of the beam of additive floor and original shear wall, and the principle of structural column and web frame type choices are introduced.
26 The deformational metamorphic evolution of the three types of the ductile shear zones reflects the main reworking during the uplift processes of the deep crustal high grade metamorphic complex.
27 In the present paper we studied the bulk modulus, shear modulus and second-order elastic constants as a function of temperature .
28 The main quantitative factors and rainfall-class prediction method under stable shear situation are given.
29 According to experimental results, an empirical relationship is suggested for predicting the ultimate shear strength of fiber reinforced concrete beams without web reinforcement.
30 The Reliant PowerSlit line of Slitter Rewinders offers the full range of slitting solutions from shear cutting, razor, score, hot knife, and ultrasonic.
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