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Follow through in a sentence

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Synonym: carry outfollow outfollow upgo throughimplementput throughSimilar words: throughgo throughget throughall throughthroughoutfall throughput throughcome throughMeaning: v. 1. carry a stroke to natural completion after hitting or releasing a ball 2. pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue follow-through. n. 1. carrying some project or intention to full completion 2. the act of carrying a stroke to its natural completion. 
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1) The leadership has been unwilling to follow through the implications of these ideas.
2) He decided to follow through with his original plan.
3) The store did not follow through with the prosecution.
4) You need to follow through more on your backhand.
5) He makes with the big ideas, but can't follow through on them.
6) The essay started interestingly, but failed to follow through .
7) A football passer should follow through after he throws the ball.
8) Does the firm intend to follow through with this idea?
9) We follow through the six steps enumerated above. 1.
10) Loving, distracted, indulgent, my parents would never follow through on threats to ground me.
11) Keep your eye on the ball and follow through on your swing. Good!
12) He said he hopes Clinton will follow through on his pledge to restore aid to legal immigrants in later legislation.
13) Barium follow through examination showed a normal mucosal pattern in the graft.
14) But when he tried to follow through on his outlandish agenda, he usually found himself standing virtually alone.
15) Once in the barn, Stewart felt obliged to follow through on the expedition by dramatically expressing undying love for Susan Mary.
16) Alexander has told friends she intends to follow through on a desire to resume her acting career.
17) Until now the hard discipline to follow through has rousted me outdoors on sub-zero days even before daylight.
18) Follow through will cost you dearly in time and effort but it may reward you handsomely in terms of what happens to your report.
19) Once you have got a favourable response, you follow through with an invitation to a social event.
20) Follow through in a timely manner.
21) Follow through but don t be too forthcoming.
22) The project went wrong when the staff failed to follow through.
23) Although social workers may supply patients with a claim form for state benefits, they rarely assist or follow through the claims.
24) John Vasconcellos, D-San Jose, voted for the bill while urging the state to follow through with a job-creation program.
25) Soon after he does, phone and cable companies will follow through on long-held plans to broaden their offerings.
26) Takat had given him strict instructions to exercise the beasts every day and to follow through with the routine.
27) Stage one is preparation, stage two is production, and the final stage is follow through.
28) It was character that got us out of bed,[ through.html] commitment that moved us into action and discipline that enabled us to follow through. Zig Ziglar 
29) UC-San Diego questioned whether she had the intelligence to follow through with the difficult post-operative regimen.
30) But then I think of the ravens: I must follow through with my observations.
More similar words: throughgo throughget throughall throughthroughoutfall throughput throughcome throughcut throughrun throughlook throughpass throughpull throughbreak throughcarry throughfollowfollow upas followsfollowingdroughtroughlythoroughthoroughlynow thatallowthroatdoughswallowallow forshallow
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