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Etc. in a sentence

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Sentence count:271+14 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-24Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: and so forthand so onetceteraSimilar words: etce.ed.EtGtsec.atbetMeaning: adv. continuing in the same way. 
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1 for Christ's, God's, goodness', heaven's, pity's, etc. sake used to emphasize that it is important to do sth or when you are annoyed about sth: Do be careful, for goodness' sake.
2 the hallowed turf of Wembley, etc.
3 The house has a sloping/flat/tiled/thatched/etc. roof.
4 You say a, one, two, several, etc. hundred without a final 's' on 'hundred'. Hundreds can be used if there is no number or quantity before it. Always use a plural verb with hundred or hundreds.: One hundred have already been placed with foster families.
5 a Christmas tree strung with tinsel,candles,presents,etc.
6 How long does the dry/hurricane/monsoon/etc. season last?
7 We are mutual friends, enemies, etc.
8 We were reeling (in amazement/shock/delight,[] etc. from/with the news that we had won all that money.
9 to falsify facts, issue, etc.
10 His room was jam-packed with fruit, flowers, gifts etc.
11 a railway station/timetable/siding, etc.
12 The prime minister's speech was well/warmly/coldly, etc. received by the conference delegates.
13 In some words in English the initial h is not sounded,as honour,hour,honesty,etc.
14 to commit murder / adultery, etc.
15 a journey by air/bus/land/rail/sea, etc.
16 office, house, etc. - Our house was burgled.
17 Pigment is mixed into oil, glue, egg, etc. to make different types of paint.
18 deductions from your pay for tax, pension contributions, etc.
19 Please inform us of your travel plans, i.e. arrival time, carrier, etc.
20 The New York Times has correspondents in France, Germany, etc.
21 Assign the letters of the alphabet their numerical values — A equals 1, B equals 2, etc.
22 I have met all kinds of/sorts of salesmen, tourists, etc.
23 He's inclined to put two and two together and make five ( = make an incorrect guess from what he sees , hears, etc. ).
24 He has a great deal of native intelligence, ability, charm, etc.
25 Have you told him the news yet? It is often used with 'that' clauses:Anne told me she was tired. Tell is usually when somebody is giving facts or information, often with what, where, etc.:Can you tell me when the movie starts? Tell is also used when you are giving somebody instructions:The doctor told me to stay in bed.
26 They export a lof of fruit, like apples, oranges, lemons, etc.
27 Plastics are used in many modern articles instead of metal, wood, etc.
28 Prisoners try to individualize their cells by hanging up pictures, etc.
29 I could find some useful books in the library. In negative sentences, could not can also be used:We weren't able to / didn't manage to / couldn't get there in time. Could is also used with this meaning with verbs of seeing, noticing, understanding, etc.:I could see there was something wrong.
30 The school's audio-visual apparatus includes a new set of multi-media device, not to mention films, records, etc.
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