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Double up in a sentence

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Synonym: doubledouble overparlaySimilar words: doubledouble backtroubletroubledpile upno doubtwithout doubtvolubleMeaning: v. 1. bend over or curl up, usually with laughter or pain 2. share a room or a bed designed for only one person 3. stake winnings from one bet on a subsequent wager. 
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1 We shall have to double up the sheets to get them in the drawer.
2 They laugh so hard they double up with laughter.
3 We'll have to double up on books; there aren't enough to go around.
4 Terry will have to double up with Bill in the front bedroom.
5 A punch like that would double up anyone.
6 There were enough guitarists to double up on parts .
7 You'll have to double up with Susie while your aunt is here.
8 You can stay with us; we'll all just double up.
9 They only have one room left:you'll have to double up with Peter.
10 The rug can double up.
11 Men can double up on all three groups.
12 Come on(, Tom. Double up.
13 Many can't afford their own homes and double up with family.
14 I wanted to double up all Wavebreaker's standing rigging, just in case we did try to take her across the ocean.
15 To increase calories, double up, but be careful.
16 Then there are the guys who double up with a chick.
17 He will double up the blankets and pack it in a box.
18 He would toss one and then double up with laughter; he really had the most appalling sense of humor, sophomoric and well,( trashy.
19 This carpet is too thick to double up.
20 The pain in his stomach caused him to double up in pain.
21 The lids of the casserole dishes are designed to double up as baking dishes.
22 Because of the housing shortage, many couples had to double up in one tiny apartment.
23 We've only one room left : you'll have to double up with Peter.
24 We've only got one room left; you'll have to double up with Peter.
25 The band are looking for a singer who can double up on guitar .
26 As the knife entered her she seemed to try to double up, but it was only a reflex action.
27 She had a terrible temper, and it always made him double up when she swore at him and clenched her fists.
28 Its small form factor allows two computers, in close proximity, to double up on the 10BaseT hub.
29 A good whack gives a bad ache and may even double up your opponent.
30 There were not enough rooms, so some of the guests had to double up.
More similar words: doubledouble backtroubletroubledpile upno doubtwithout doubtvolubledo uphold outhand outdoughpublicstand outin and outwashed outsend outfind outweed outpublishpublisherrepublicin publicpubliclyspread outRepublicanpublicityuse uptremendouscome up
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