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Diagonalization in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2020-05-20Updated:2020-05-20
Similar words: internationalizationfictionalizationpersonalizationfunctionalizationrationalizationnationalizationinstitutionalizationdepersonalizationMeaning: n. changing a square matrix to diagonal form (with all non-zero elements on the principal diagonal). 
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1. This paper discusses applications of diagonalization of the matrix in the general formula of linear recurrent sequence.
2. Orthogonal matrices; diagonalization of symmetric real matrices.
3. A new cost function based on the diagonalization of correlation matrices is proposed to measure the independency of output signals.
4. But recently some people presented a new algebraic diagonalization method.
5. In this paper, we mainly discuss the diagonalization of a special kind of block circulant matrices.
6. A method based on a joint block-inner diagonalization(JBID) of a set of output auto-correlation matrices at different delays is proposed for convolutive blind source separation(BSS).
7. The algorithm introduces diagonalization to reduce time in forming local spread coefficient and enhance the computing efficiency.
8. The conditions of simultaneous diagonalization of two matrices are given.
9. The article gives a result of the orthogonal sub - diagonalization of skew - symmetric transformation, and proves this discussion.
10. Two improved efficient algorithms are proposed to reduce the computational load for non-orthogonal joint diagonalization free of singular solutions.
11. Fron the formula, presents tile secondary U matrix and secondary H matrix turn to the feasible theoretical basis of secondary diagonal matrix and the secondary diagonalization method.
12. The squeezed state of single module is discussed frome aspects of squeezed operator, squeezed coherent state, squeezed transformation, the diagonalization of Hamiltionian, and so on.
13. In the two-sublattice model, the Heisenberg exchange interaction Hamiltonian of the simple ferrimagnetic crystal can be made diagonalization by the use of HP, Fourier and Bogoliubov transformation.
14. In the first improved algorithm, the determinate of the diagonalization matrix is expanded by its current updating column to avoid matrix inverse operation in this computational phase.
14. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
15. This paper proves and provides a new method for constructing the similarity inverse transformation matrices of diagonalization matrix.
16. Under the suitable assumed conditions, by the technique of diagonalization , the existence of the solutions is proved and its remainder term is estimated.
17. Besides the general advantage of the algorithms based on block- diagonalization , the modified algorithm is much more feasible and has the advantage of simplifying the receivers.
18. The Coulomb interaction between the electron and the hole is treated accurately by the direct diagonalization of the Hamiltonian matrix.
19. The energy eigenvalues and the squeezed state solutions are obtained by making use of algebraic diagonalization.
20. In this paper , a simple and convenient method for the diagonalization of a matrix is given.
21. This paper gives a new algorithm for jointly approximate diagonalization of a set of eigen matrices on the basis of the biorthogonality between left and right eigen vectors.
22. In this paper, for the companion matrix of the transformation matrix diagonalization of several ways.
23. In the proposed system, the base station (BS) can avoid the accurate transmission of the receiving matrix or frequently transmitting pilots in the traditional block diagonalization.
24. The cyclic matrix is a kind of important matrix. We study its characters from its definition, and give the expression of its inverse and determinant by the method of matrix diagonalization.
25. In this note, a necessary and sufficient condition of diagonalization for square matrix is considering.
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