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Demoralised in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-12-08Updated:2017-12-08
Similar words: demoralisedemoralisingdemoralisationdemoralizedemoralizedmoralisedemoralizingmoralistMeaning: adj. made less hopeful or enthusiastic. 
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1) They have left the teaching profession, demoralised and undervalued.
2) The employment service is disillusioned, demoralised and underfunded.
3) There the Dark Elves had been demoralised by the Witch King's defeat and hounded relentlessly by guerilla forces.
4) But she is rapidly growing demoralised by her situation and is increasingly disinclined to do very much.
5) On May 4 that year a demoralised Labour Party lost office, its credibility in tatters.
6) Mr Papandreou's Pasok, embittered and demoralised, remains unable to evolve from unreconstructed popularism and anti-right rhetoric.
7) The recent spurt in violence has demoralised the public.
8) You become demoralised when things are not going your way and you can't really see a way out of it.
9) The UN's 19,000 peacekeepers are demoralised and itching to go.
10) He might be a bit demoralised about not having scored, seeing as it seemed he might get back in excellent condition after these first few matches.
11) Executives kept leaving, engineers were demoralised and innovative projects were put on hold.
12) But Ballotta tried not to get demoralised and looks ahead with positivity.
13) It demoralised a White House team that liked and admired Mr Libby.
14) They may become demoralised, a few will become depressed and too many of the young may turn delinquent.
15) The Social Democrats created huge momentum in the 1980s, but still failed-beaten back by Labour at its most demoralised.
16) Soigneur A person who gives massage and every other kind of comfort to exhausted, injured or demoralised riders.
17) Ian Wright also had food for thought as he made a hasty exit from Arsenal's demoralised dressing room.
18) Fighting between the Mujahideen has taken as much effort as battling the demoralised government forces.
19) The rebels hope to weaken the regime further by attacking its defeated and demoralised forces.
20) He knew from interviews with students at entry and graduation that many were demoralised by the course.
21) "Whenever I am in a national parliament, " he observes , "I have the impression they are rather demoralised,[] because powers are transferring to the European Union level.
22) He has helped to transform the party from a disorganised, demoralised rabble into a force which must again be taken seriously.
23) When you see there are certain things going wrong, and they're very clear-cut things, then I don't think you can become demoralised over that.
24) Plus, he added, those few home economics teachers still working were a "very sad, depressed, demoralised workforce" and needed to be shown "a lot more love".
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