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Centralised in a sentence

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Sentence count:57Posted:2017-06-24Updated:2017-06-24
Similar words: centralizeddecentralizecentralizationcentralcentral powerstranscendentalismcentral nervous systemrealisedMeaning: adj. 1. drawn toward a center or brought under the control of a central authority 2. concentrated on or clustered around a central point or purpose. 
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1. We must continue to study the new centralised global environment at both the theoretical and the practical levels.
2. Similarly, other centralised reservation systems are in operation which are not attached to any particular group.
3. Some federal states are so centralised that it is doubtful whether one should continue to refer to them as federal.
4. The Wilton weaving department was moved and centralised into its present location.
5. There appears to be a universal crisis in centralised decision making and considerable public alienation from bureaucracy.
6. Later he considered a centralised system able to produce gas for a whole neighbourhood.
7. They are impotent in the face of a centralised, powerful state.
8. They introduced rigid quality control, centralised distribution and electronic tills.
9. It saw federal, rather than centralised, structures as the only way to build mass support and ensure accountability and democracy.
10. All those vital issues are to be rigidly centralised and that is the crux of the matter.
11. Not so high profile are the centralised lenders, who operate through mortgage brokers and insurance companies.
12. As soon as he saw the horizon, Jack centralised the joystick and rudder, getting back to level flight.
13. The current local government system is highly centralised and unsuited to the wider distribution of power featured in the Maastricht Treaty.
14. He is currently teaching centralised scheme of music course and associated degree courses at the HKIEd.
15. More changes are required to reverse the trend towards centralised power.
16. Behind the scenes, cinema chains enjoy the economies of centralised purchasing and have utilised computers to track inventory and prevent spoilage.
17. The rest is to cover the costs of moving to the £46m centralised home shopping warehouse at Listerhills, Bradford.
18. Cover with a cardboard frame - the acetate being centralised.
19. Where uniform procedures exist, it is easier to impose centralised control.
20. They retained and emphasised, instead, the written documents deliberately produced by a centralised Chancery and other Norman offices and institutions.
21. And this normally will not be in some remote centralised corporate planning department.
22. They point first, to the political implications inherent in centralised policy systems irrespective of the policies decided.
23. River boards had expressed concern that their powers would be centralised.
24. Its new National government plans to abandon compulsory unionism and centralised wage fixing.
25. We should therefore seek evidence for long-distance exchange as indications of political alliances and the growth of centralised political organisation.
26. Another service allows firms with offices in different countries to have centralised telephone bills.
27. The Napster structure would remain unchanged, and newer, less centralised music distribution systems like Gnutella could contribute too.
28. A new constitution was adopted transforming a loose federation of affiliated organisations into a centralised national political party.
29. The rest of its operation, producing mining roof supports and other conveyors will be centralised at its headquarters in Ashchurch.
30. Differing actors - the unions, employers, the private sector, federal or centralised governments - play different roles.
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