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Demonic in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2017-04-04Updated:2017-04-04
Synonym: diabolicdiabolicalfiendishhellishinfernalsatanicunholySimilar words: demonisehegemonicpandemoniumdemondemonologydemonstrateceremonialdemonstratorMeaning: [diː'mɒnɪk]  adj. extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell. 
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1. Was it a case of demonic possession?
2. And the laughter ... The laughter was demonic.
3. In fact, he looked a little demonic.
4. The old peasant was demonic in her rage.
5. The mirror traps Him, and demonic forces dismember Him and throw Him into a boiling cauldron.
6. The paranormal is automatically consigned to the demonic because it is not immediately biblical.
7. The demonic figures wearing ugly masks and straw and brushwood clothes are intended to scare away evil spirits.
8. She hated that demonic air of self-assurance that went with him.
9. She had a demonic nature, cursing all her subjects to dreadful sickness and painful deaths.
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10. The demonic sound ceased as abruptly as if a celestial hand had placed a pillow over that squalling electronic mouth.
11. The demonic forces have their command post in the basement offices of the psychology department.
12. The beings inhabiting the Hells wear demonic shapes; those in the Heavens, godly.
13. No force of nature, nothing paradoxical or demonic, he had no drive for smashing through the masks of appearances.
14. Some women find ways of diminishing the demonic power of the ex.
15. Demonic rituals made this leaf glow.
16. Weakening Strike Weakening Strike improves Demonic Strike ability.
17. Although the heroes defeat Baal, his demonic army continues to advance.
18. Victoria's demonic and male-hating mother and the overstuffed and ever-sympathetic Evie are their constant counterfoils.
19. "It's demonic," said Donna Stitt, 37, a nursing aide from Barto, Pa., with four young children. "People are celebrating the dead. I'm not into that."
20. This was especially significant for a society in which demonic possession was so prevalent and feared.
21. Some viewed the girl's shaking as a sign of demonic possession.
22. It is a geography and gazetteer of the angelic and demonic domains.
23. Earthquakes rattle certain spots within the crust, and volcanoes explode with demonic violence.
24. The second was the sight of strange mythological beasts and demonic gargoyles which surrounded and surmounted the gateway.
25. They admit he is charming, but fingers point to his eyes as warning signs, demonic pin points.
26. The outward tips of his bushy eyebrows were tilted upwards slightly, giving him a demonic appearance.
27. They were gleaming in the lamplight, like the cutlery at some demonic supper party.
28. What he'd seen done to Grant made Forster realise that whatever it was struck with demonic speed and savagery.
29. Conan. Robert E. Howard. The ultimate barbarian hero kicks the crap out of a cornucopia of evil sorcerers, trashes a legion of demonic monstrosities, and rescues every beautiful princess on the pla-.
30. Cursed to ride the night as the Ghost Rider, superstar motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze must battle the demonic Blackheart in this hi-octane blend of supernatural action and high speed racing.
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