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Debridement in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2017-06-21Updated:2017-06-21
Similar words: abridgementhebridesdementiadementeddebrisdebriefrope bridgebrideMeaning: n. surgical removal of foreign material and dead tissue from a wound in order to prevent infection and promote healing. 
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1. The debridement and neoplasty of liver plus epiploon tamponade or suturation are very effective but it is unadvisable to use a great deal of glutin sponge separately.
2. Conclusion: Delayed debridement or distal partial pancreatectomy with peritoneal lavage and early nutritional support may reduce mortality of necrotizing pancreatitis in children.
3. Objective Debridement hepatectomy for severe hepatic injury was performed to stop bleeding.
4. Abstract: To explore reasons failed focal debridement in treating spinal tuberculosisand Methods: To cope with them.
5. Treatment of Vertebral Osteomyelitis by Radical Debridement and Stabilization Using Titanium Mesh Cages.
6. Conclusion:Completely debridement of open fracture, anatomical reduction of fracture-dislocation, rational external fixation and internal fixation, timely functional training was very important.
7. Delayed rescue, delayed fasciotomy,( and radical debridement may worsen the physical prognosis.
8. The surgical procedures included debridement of cartilaginous lesions, synovectomy, removal of loose bodies, meniscectomy, excision of osteophytes and fluid irrigation.
9. Conclusion: Surgical debridement in combination with systemic and topical antibiotics can treat infectious scleritis efficiently.
10. Surgical debridement and histologic and bacteriologic studies are essential to make the diagnosis.
11. Careful inspection, irrigation, and debridement should be performed.
12. Conclusion Surgical debridement for pyoderma gangr enosum can accelerate the repairing of the ulcer, alleviate pain and shorten the course of disease.
13. Objective To study the therapeutic effect of debridement and closed irrigation for intervertebral space infection.
14. Furthermore , debridement was performed at an early stage.
15. Exhaustive debridement, skillful microsurgical techniques and numerous vascular anastomosis were key to success of finger replantation.
16. Objective : To evaluate the effects of arthroscopic debridement in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.
17. Methods Disease variety in debridement was analysed by the way of observation record.
18. Conclusion Arthroscopic articular debridement and microfracture was better than arthroscopic articular debridement and washout for treated full-thickness chondral defects.
19. Results Arthroscopic debridement and intra - articular sodium hyaluronate injection could eliminate or alleviate the symptom of OA.
20. Morover, to refer to the concept of marrow cavity debridement based on this.
21. Objective: To study the treatment of prepatellar bursitis with debridement under arthroscopy.
22. Method:41 cases of this disease were treated locally with MEBO after wound debridement and trephination and drainage, to promote granulation to cover the exposed bone substance.
23. Objective To contrast the treatment effect of full-thickness chondral defects by articular debridement and microfracture and by articular debridement and washout under arthroscope.
24. To assess the effectiveness of treatment of synovectomy and joint debridement underarthroscope to rheumatoid arthritis.
25. Objective To introduce a method of treatment of purulent knee arthritis with debridement under arthroscope.
26. Objective To evaluate the treatment of septic arthritis ( SA ) of knee with debridement and drainage arthroscope.
27. Results:All 21 patients initially received multiple incision and drainage and wide debridement. 90.0% underwent suprapubic cystostomy.
28. Conclusion That the infected wound in maxillofacial areas dealed with special debridement primary healing ways.
29. The influences of time to rescue, fasciotomy, and radical debridement on lower leg muscle strength were evaluated by stepwise regression analysis.
30. Due to severe sepsis, the first patient died on day 73 after emergent fasciotomy and debridement.
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