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Bainite in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2021-11-25Updated:2021-11-25
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1. Ce can increase the transformation temperature of bainite and enlarge intervals of bainite.
2. The morphology and distribution of vanadium in bainite ductile cast iron were studied.
3. Bainite transformation has shear nature in crystallography and shear possibility in thermodynamics.
4. It is found that the lower bainite consists of packets of bainite ferrite plates, each plate is composed of several bainite transformation units[], Bainite midrib exists generally.
5. It is important to understand the difference of bainite transformation and eutectoid decomposition in steels.
6. The as-cast bainite steel studied in this paper could obtain bainite directly in the as-cast condition through alloying and controlling the cast cooling rate without heat treatment.
7. The slow dissolution of coarse cementite in bainite retards the precipitation rate of carbides during tempering.
8. The granuler bainite ductile iron can be obtained with the help of step austempering. This kind of ductile iron presents the excellent combination of mechanical properties.
9. The phenomenon of hardness lag of the alloyed Bainite ductile cast iron has been discussed. This phenomenon showed that after the step austempering, the hardness increased with the time.
10. The bainite transformation during the incubative period was inevitable to form carbon leant zones and carbon enriched zones through the fluctuation.
11. Using electron microscope, the bainite morphology of spheroidal graphite cast iron after isothermal quenching was investigated.
12. The influences of technological parameters on as-cast Bainite iron was studied.
13. Test results show that non-metallic inclusion and bainite structure in the steel are main factors affecting the elongation.
14. The transformation kinetics of lower bainite was investigated with an image - analyzer.
15. The decomposition and transformation of the retained austenite in bainite differ from that in martensite.
16. Holding in the lower pearlite range accelerates subsequent transformation to bainite.
17. The present invention relates to one kind of controlled cooling heat treatment process and apparatus for bainite ductile iron.
18. This paper introduces the contrast test of wear resistance of hot rolled low - carbon high strength bainite steel plate to ordinary steel plate on QLK800.32 bucket wheel reclaimer.
19. This thesis covers the overall evaluation of the tensile and impact properties of a new type of non-quenched-tempered bainite fishplate material at room temperature and low temperature.
20. The microstructure of the weld metal and the coarse-grained heat-affected zone are both granular bainite that consists of the bainite lath and the M-A constituent.
21. As a result of the coaction of abovementioned factors, the bainite has superior secondary hardening effect[], thermal strength and structural stability to martensite formed by straight tempering.
22. The results showed that with the increase of austempering temperature, the bainite morphology changes from needled lower bainite to feathered upper bainite then to ear of wheat like then flakiness .
23. Thirdly, Through Y-slit type cracking test and HAZ maximum hardness test the paper assesses the cold crack sensitivity of JB800 bainite steel.
24. In Thin slab casting and rolling (TSCR) process, controlling of nano meter precipitator has been performed; For low carbon bainite steel (LCB) and Acicular Ferrite (A.
25. The results show that, with the increase of holding temperature, the amount of bainite and retained austenite, the carbon concentration in retained austenite first increases and then decreases.
26. With the isothermal holding time prolonged, the thick rod-like upper bainite associated and gradually developed into featherlike bainite.
27. The microstructure of weld metal for MAW is blocky ferrite and a little pearlite, the microstructure in the heat-affected zone is new type bainite.
28. Internal friction studies reveal that in steels and their decarburized alloys as well as non-ferrous alloys, the early stage effect of the bainitic transformation is the nucleation process of bainite.
29. The effect of chemical composition on mechanical properties of the austenite - bainite ( is other - tally quenched ) white iron was investigated.
30. It was revealed that: inhomogeneous distribution of the non-metallic inclusion and excessive bainite and tertiary cementite is the cause of cracking.
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