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Azure in a sentence

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Sentence count:63Posted:2016-10-31Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: bright blueceruleanlazulinesapphiresky-blueSimilar words: surefigureassurefor surepurelybureauinjureensureMeaning: ['æʒə]  n. a light shade of blue. v. color azure. adj. of a deep somewhat purplish blue color similar to that of a clear October sky. 
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1. The sun shone out of a clear azure sky.
2. The once azure skies of Athens have been ruined by atmospheric pollution.
3. The long-range forecast prophesies Mean temperatures and azure skies.
4. Before her a green sea rippled, melting into azure where it met the sky.
5. His eyes are azure.
6. The adult male's back and flanks are azure blue, shading to yellowish on the belly.
7. Now all of it overlaid with azure and hyacinth, however hard she squeezed her eyelids shut.
8. Azure curtains hung from the arches which were shocking pink.
9. A jay appeared - momentary flash of azure blue wings - to screech and vanish.
10. I obtained bluey greens by intermixing ultramarine with azure blue and/or Lascaux green.
11. The doll's eyes tinted azure.
12. Azure skies are indicative of good weather.
13. The Azure reminds you more of the sky, correct?
14. Extensive llano, azure sky, winding shed dripping Xi Linhe.
15. Is a delicate waist in azure blue.
16. Azure spotlessly white seawater sandy beach!
17. Azure sky over head, wordless highland under feet.
18. In the azure sky are some fleecy clouds.
19. Azure or blue - Loyalty and truth.
20. When the sunshine breaks out, azure tones appear as the angry clouds chase over the sea[], making it a patchwork quilt of color.
21. Azure blue is a special product of those countries in Mediterranean Sea.
22. Go where he will, the wise man is at home His harth the earth, his hall the azure dome. 
23. No wisteria cooing like fat blue pigeons from the eaves, no azure sea, no pretty boats bobbing on gentle waves.
24. In seconds the air is filled with hexagons, their Dacron lines shining bright white against the azure sky.
25. To the east, across miles of barren brownness, there were dunes floating in an azure sky - another spectacular mirage.
26. She uses sail to supplement the engine, making a fine sight against an azure sky.
27. If the photographs are to be believed, the water is azure blue and clear to the sea bottom.
28. The base is a wood, painted to deep redly living a paint, lotus petal is make into with the Xiao yarn, still just the top inset a few very small azure stones.
28. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
29. From eight to ten tonight he'll be at the Luna Azure up in the Bronx.
30. And starring these tiers of leaves were white lotus flowers, alluringly open or bashfully in bud, like glimmering pearls, stars in an azure sky, or beauties fresh from the bath.
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